Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beach Blanket Bingo

Hi friends!  Just popping in for a second to tell you Sew, Mama, Sew! has done it again!  They're running Fat Quarter Idol again and I just had to join in this week!

If you don't know, SMS is an awesome online fabric store that also provides an EXCELLENT blog with tutorials, ideas, and encouragement along with a forum board full of goodness.  But what I want to point out now is their Fat Quarter Idol contest going on now for this week only!

They've given us the topic Beach Blanket Bingo and our job is to make a pinterest board featuring 12 fabrics found in their shop that we feel best show the topic in question.  So...you shop through the store, pin 12 fabric swatches that mean "Beach Blanket Bingo" to you and then submit the link to your board.

The winner's board will be shown on SMS' blog and sold in the shop and the winner will also receive a bundle of their chosen fabrics.  How awesome!

So, here are my selections...we're headed out to the beach for a few days tomorrow.  Perfect timing, huh?  Maybe I'll win and I can come home and make us a beach blanket for next time...

Here's a link to my board if you want to see it bigger.  Go check it out and make your own board!  All you've gotta do is have a pinterest account and some free time!

Talk to you soon!  I've gotta go pack for the beach!  YAY!!!!!

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