Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!!

Goodbye to a great year!  While 2013 wraps up, I think back on all that went on this year.  We stayed busier than ever before which is a trend I see increasing in the next 10-15 years for our little family and that is a good thing I guess.  It means we're living our lives and trying new things and actively using each day here on Earth.

I think I made progress on my word(s) of 2013, which I actually had to look up, so saying I've accomplished Balance would be a lie, but I hopefully get better as I get older, so maybe one day...  And I definitely added More, but I'm not sure how much more was sewing/crafting/creating and how much more was life.  ;)

In 2013, I finished:
  •  7 quilts
  • 2 quilt tops waiting on basting
  • nearly 25 bee blocks or shared projects

  • 10 dresses/skirts/scarves/etc
  • a few projects (zip pouches, pillows, gifts, etc)

left 3 quilts as WIPS, AND ran a half marathon, got a new puppy, attended nearly a half million softball practices and karate and dance lessons (or it felt like it), vacationed, dealt with the never ending broken arm saga of Oren, welcomed my nephew to our family, took over as PTO president, ran a few 5Ks with my family and saw Chris honored as Teacher of the Year and as a Distinguished Educator from the University of Florida.

I'm calling 2013 a success.

Most of all though, I'm just thankful.  Thankful for all of y'all and the friends I've made here in blogland and through flickr and instagram.  Thankful for friends who get why sewing is important--how creative thoughts and acts make us better people.  How making things that serve both artistic and practical purposes can save your sanity.  :)

What are you most proud of in 2013 and what are you taking away from it?

Happy New Years Eve everyone!  May your evening be safe, fun and a great send-off to the last 365 days we've had!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's the most Random Time of the Year??

Wonderful?  Random?  Those two seem to go together sometimes don't they?  Well, let's just say yes and get through this randomness shall we?

Ok--since the giveaway day post I've:
--Slaved away in the Santa Shop.  I'm wondering if there are labor laws for elves...  But really, I worked every day in our shop at school where we sell low-priced items for kids to buy for their families.  We live in a rural area with not much shopping other than Walmart and the Dollar Tree, so while we sell basically the same goods as those stores (as in the same things...) it give the kids a chance to buy gifts for their family members "on their own."  Some of the kids really enjoy the thought of doing their own shopping.  And some kids just buy stuff for themselves...

--Attended UF's graduation (Go Gators!) where Chris was honored as Distinguished Educator in Florida.  There were only 5 teachers in the state recognized.  They had to wear gowns and sit on the stage throughout the graduation.  But before the students were announced, each teacher was given a special plaque and the dean of the college of education read a little thing about each of them.  Chris HATES these kind of things.  He's the kind of person that says just let me do my thing the best I can and leave me alone.  I chose this pixellated photo from the jumbo-tron to show you because you can see where it says cheers and applause.  That's not the prompter telling people to applaud, that's the closed captioning telling you everyone was!  They announced that Chris has a near perfect pass rate on the AP World History class that he teaches and that, my friends, is a really big deal.  I am so proud of him and how hard he works, so to see others recognize him was so special.

Then we had lunch in the President's Suite at the stadium.  You know, no big deal, just lunch in one of the swankiest places at the university...  It was pretty cool.  :)

--Attended multiple karate classes with Oren.  He's learning fast now.  And loving it.  Chris was with Emma at pitching lessons.  Who knew the schedule filled up so quickly??
--Made HUGE progress on the quilt for my Dad.  I've got to have it done by tomorrow night...
--Made lots of Christmas goodies for the kids' teachers--spiced pecans, chocolate crinkles, cranberry-orange-pistachio rollups, thin mint Puppy Chow...and probably gained 5 pounds by sampling.  ;)
--Not run--at all.
--Went on a field trip to a local farm with Oren's class.  Yes, this is his second field trip this year to local farms.  Yes, we do live in a rural area.  Yes, many of our children are already familiar with things on a farm.  It makes me laugh.

Best part of the trip for Oren?  The hay fight.  Seriously...

--Watched Chris be named Teacher of the Year for his school.  Again, he hates this kind of recognition so to get 2 honors in less than a week made all of us giggle at his discomfort.  ;)
--Started quilting Dad's quilt.  I'm 3/4 of the way done.

--Slept like a rock every single night.
--Wondered how important sleep really is??  
--Wondered if I'd bought gifts for my entire family but not sat still long enough to make sure...
--Planned how organized I'm going to be next year when this time of year comes along. 
--Then laughed knowing I won't be organized then either.
--Thanked God for every second of this crazy, busy, full-to-the-brim life.

What have you been up to??

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless WIP

Nearly wordless...I'm making progress!!

This is a little shamrock I embroidered in one of the big navy sections.  I just thought it would add a little something.
 I'm busy baking and packaging up teacher Christmas presents along with our normal schedule of pitching and karate lessons so I've gotta run...

I'll be back tomorrow to show off some of what we've been up to!

OH!!  And congratulations to Jenny and Stephanie, winners of my SMS Giveaway Day Etsy Gift Cards!  They've been contacted, cards have been delivered and spent already!  That's my kind of shopping.  :)  Thanks to all that entered and especially to those who decided to stick around and make friends.  :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Giveaway Day!!!

Its the most wonderful time of the year!  And today is one of the most wonderful days of the year!  It's Sew, Mama Sew's annual Christmas Giveaway Day (Week)!!

Giveaway Day

For years, Sew, Mama Sew has hosted a Giveaway Day that is nothing more than an online get-together of lots of giving, creative people who want to share goods, projects, fabric, etc.  It's become such a big thing that there's no way you could get to all of the giveaways in a day, so they've made it a week-long celebration.

And of course, I'm playing along!  One of the reasons I started my blog was to participate in Giveaway Day.  I love the idea of sharing and giving and it makes me happy to put a smile on others' faces.

So let's get to the sharing, shall we??

Last month I gave away 2 Etsy gift cards for my birthday/blogiversary and one of them was never claimed.  So I'm sweetening the Giveaway Day Jackpot by adding that back in.  :)

So, this year, I'm sharing 2 Etsy gift cards--$25 each!!  I have so many friends that sell fabric online and I hate having to choose only one of them to support so I'm going to let you pick.  But by using an etsy gift card, you're not limited to just fabric.  Are you a knitter--buy yarn or needles!  Are you a crafter in general--go crazy on supplies?  Or could you use a little something special to keep you going this holiday season--spoil yourself with something fun!

I absolutely HATE giveaways that make you jump through hoops.  It wasn't very long ago I was a dial-up girl in a high-speed world, so all you gotta do is leave me a comment answering this question:

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY TREAT?  And links to recipes or shops are always appreciated.  We've got some mighty sweet teeth in this house...  :)

You must answer the question though or you can't win.  No "THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY" answers here, people.  I want it to be easy, but you at least gotta read the content!!  On Friday, December 13 at 8 p.m. (EST) I'll use Random.org to choose winners.  I'll contact the winners through email (so PLEASE make sure you're not a no-reply blogger) and you'll have one week to respond or I will choose a new winner.

And because I love the feeling that I'm actually starting a conversation and not just putting myself out there, I'll reward followers with a second entry.  Just let me know how you follow and you're that much closer to the prize.

I hope you'll come back after today and find a home here where I talk about my sewing, crafts, and life in general.  And I hope you win lots and lots of goodies this week (except for the goodies I really want!!!) ;)

Good luck to you and remember to share the love this holiday season and every day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It’s been awhile since I was actually working on something to show off a work in progress on a Wednesday.  But deadlines will do that to you…

So, I’m busy working on the quilt for my Dad.  I mentioned before that he’s a Chicagoan with largely Irish roots.  So I knew that I wanted to make him an Irish Chain quilt.

Then my friend Dana decided to do a tutorial on a Double Irish Chain quilt and I knew immediately where I was headed with Dad’s quilt.

Dana’s quilt was full of pinks with a navy background but I could imagine swapping those pinks for some golds and greens and making my Dad a “Fighting Irish Chain” to honor both his heritage and his love of Notre Dame football.  J

How’s that for a nifty name?  It should be one of those before and afters on Wheel of Fortune!
Here's a quick mock-up that I made in EQ5.  
 Dana’s tutorial is great for laying out exactly what you’re going to need and how to get started.  I was using scraps instead of new fat quarters, so some of my piecing was a little more complicated but no harder--it just required me to think and count instead of blindly following directions.

And after seemingly forever while I waited for the navy fabric I had to order and cutting strips and sewing and pressing and trimming and sewing and pressing and sewing and pressing I’m finally getting some blocks made!

I’ve got 12 made so far and they come together so quickly that I should have most of the rest done by tonight.

These are Block A for the quilt and will not be set together like I laid them out here just for a quick shot.

They’ll be off-set with Block B which is mostly navy with gold corners.  I haven’t even started cutting them yet—one step at a time.  J

So, that’s what I’m working on today.  I just keep reminding myself that I’ve got to keep working—Christmas isn’t very far away!  Yikes!!

What are you working on today??
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, December 2, 2013

November Wrap Party

Y'all, I don't know where time is going, but I think there might be a hole in my hourglass, because it seems to be getting away faster than I think it should...

Thanksgiving was a wonderful break for us.  We got the whole week off of school so we headed to Disney for a couple of days and then hosted family here.  A holiday that only revolves around eating, family and being thankful for our many blessings--YES!

I hope all of my American friends had wonderful Thanksgivings and that all of my friends are as truly blessed as I am.  :)

I showed off a pic of the block I was working on for Toni a week or so back and then she pointed out to me that I'd sewed all the corner half-square triangles on backwards!  oops...  I'm just glad she said something because I would have made both of them like that and mailed them off to her wrong.

In the end I got them both done right (I think) and mailed off.  This block just didn't set in my brain right and I had to check the diagram for every step.  I still LOVE the colors she picked and think this quilt is going to be fantastic when she gets it all done.

Crown of Thorns blocks for Toni--That Stash Bee November 2013

We took pics of the kids Saturday for our Christmas cards.  The light on Friday night was unbeatable but we weren't ready.  The light on Saturday wasn't near as good but we did the best we could.

These were the two I liked best.

But believe me, there were a whole lot more that looked like this:

Please excuse the lack of editing and the grainy-ness.  Just laugh and enjoy.

This picture perfectly sums up their personalities.  I almost used it for our cards.  But I thought there might be some that didn't appreciate the truth in it...

I've got no school commitments tomorrow so I'm saying no when I get called to sub in the morning (I'm assuming that will happen) and I'm spending the day making progress on my Dad's quilt.  I'm getting there...slowly.  Progress pics tomorrow perhaps.

What are you up to this week?  Do you send out Christmas cards?  Do you take pics of just the kids, the whole family, or not include a pic at all?  I wanted to do a family shot this year, but Chris wasn't convinced that was necessary...maybe next year??

Monday, November 18, 2013

Rainy Mondays

So...Emma decided not to be left out last night and started puking.  Yep, in the last week 3 of the 4 of us have spent some time hugging the toilet bowl.  Needless to say, she and I had a quiet day today at home to make up for the LONG night we had last night running back and forth.

But I did finish up a bee block for this month.  Toni, who awesomely organized our group That Stash Bee and volunteered to go last this year, asked us for Crown of Thorn blocks in this color way.

via design-seeds
Simply stunning right?  I love this picture alone, and y'all know these are some of my most favoritist colors in the whole world!!

And here's a sneak peek of my block.

It is very rainy here today.  I had all the windows open to help blow the virus out of the house, but it was so humid, I ended up having to close the windows and turn the air on to dry the air out.  Seriously, I think moss was starting to grow on my coffee table.  ;)

I spent the rest of my day vacuuming, sanitizing and washing laundry.  I'm determined to be rid of this virus that's trying to take over my house.  

What are y'all up to today?  Please tell me you're having more fun than I am...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Well, I said I was subbing this week....What I didn't know was I'd actually be home recuperating from a nasty virus that knocked me flat.  Like seriously--I could barely move yesterday.  After lots of sleep, some medication and many Sprites, I am feeling a little more like myself today.  I am still dizzy when up for too long and I still have a killer headache, but the fever and body aches are gone and I am no longer only moving to walk slowly but felt quickly to the bathroom, so I am much improved.  :)

I did feel fit enough to get some more strips sewn today for Dad's quilt while I wait on that navy fabric to roll in.  But after ironing and trimming about 5 strips, I had to call it quits.  So much for lots of progress...

At this point though, I'll take the kind of progress that leads to feeling better.  I'm off to lay back down for awhile.  At least I've got a stack of books waiting on me.

Stay warm and well my friends!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to Work

Let me take a moment to give a heartfelt thanks to every man and woman who has served their country as we honor our Veterans today.  Thank you also to the families of those veterans who have also served by sharing their loved one with us during their time of service.  Your work and commitment to our country does not go unnoticed.  Thank you just doesn't seem enough, but please believe how heartfelt it is.

Today in America, many of us have the day off of work and school to celebrate Veterans Day.  But I actually got some work done--quilting work that is.  Each year I make a quilt for one of my family members.  This year, it's my Dad.  He's a kind and easy-going person who gets along with just about everybody he meets.  He's a born-and-raised Chicagoan that fell in love with a small-town country girl and ended up living in Florida.  He's a die-hard White Sox, Bears, and Blackhawks fan.  Both sides of his family hail from Ireland not too far back on either family tree, and so he's a born Notre Dame fan as well.  He's a retired football coach and still a history teacher.  He'd do anything for any of us and deserves something special.

So, I decided on what I'm making and got set to start.  Then I realized I didn't have any navy fabric and had to order some.  While I wait for it to arrive, I went ahead and started cutting and sewing my green and gold strip sets.  I'm about halfway done.

I can't wait to show you some blocks when I get the navy.  I hope it turns out like I drew it up in EQ, but I'm going to keep you on the edge of you seat for awhile.  haha

And now--for the winners of the birthday Etsy Gift Card Challenge.  We had 30 entries and our trusty friend Random.org helped me choose Sarah from Thrift Store Crafter and Allison C. as the winners!  I'm emailing you both now.  You'll both have one week to get back with me before I choose new winners.

Thanks for all the birthday love.  I had a great and quiet weekend.

Congrats again to the winners!  I'm subbing the next 3 days this week, so I will hopefully make it back to post again this week...fingers crossed!  ;)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Share the Love!

Y'all, I swear.  I need more hours in the day.  Because unless I'm not going to sleep, I just can't seem to fit it all in right now.

But, I am so thankful for how full my life is because it means I am truly blessed to have so many great people and so many great experiences filling my days.

And today is a special day.  It's my birthday.  I've already had so many people call, text and tell me HBD on facebook.  I am more blessed than I deserve and I want to share some of that with y'all, my special crafty friends.

So...I'm going to combine this giveaway with my blogiversary last month (bad bloggers tend to miss those important days!) and give away 2 gift certificates to Etsy.  That way, you can find something special to buy no matter what your interests may be.  And then I don't have to choose between my fabric shop buddies.  ;)

So, I've got 2 $25 gift certificates that may have your name on them.  All you gotta do is comment here with your favorite gift ever.  It can be a gift to you or from you.  It can be something amazingly special and expensive, or the perfect pair of socks to make someone's day.  Let's share the love and offer up some gift ideas at the same time.

Blog followers obviously get a second entry, since you're who I talk with the most, so let me know in a second comment how you follow me.

I'll give you through the weekend to enter and choose a winner Monday afternoon.

Alright I'm off to run and shower so I have time to sew before I pick up the kids from school.  Tonight is our Homecoming game, so we've got a parade and a game to help me celebrate.  :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Bee Blocks

Bee blocks are fun to make, aren't they?  Well, usually.  I mean, we've all had those bee blocks that throw us for a loop, or are in a color scheme we don't dig, or just aren't our style.  But for the most part, I like making a few bee blocks each month because it's kinda like trying on clothes--you get the fun and the gratification of finishing without having to commit to the work of a whole quilt.

This month, I had fun bee blocks.  

Katie asked for Rugby Stripe blocks.  I mentioned them last week but took a (mildly) better photo of them for you.

Shannon asked for "Fall" blocks.  I immediately did this pumpkin based off this tutorial which I found through Michele.

But then I wanted to leave Modern Maples for someone else, so I thought and thought and googled and thought and came up with this.

And I really really love it!  I just used 2 1/2 strips yellow and tan scraps and a template I made to fit my size requirements.  Then I slapped some heat and bond on the back and ironed the dresden blades down.  I then zig-zagged around all of the edges for extra security and then did the same with the black center.  You can't tell in the pic (it was cloudy this morning) but my black circle actually has a brown dot pattern on it that I thought was perfect to represent the seeds.  I love it when serendipity and a plan come together!!  haha

Now I want to make both of these blocks again to make new pillows for my couches.  And since I accidentally cut enough squares for 2 pumpkin blocks, I just might do that.  ;)

What blocks are you making this month and what do you prefer working on?  One quilt at a time or mixing it up with bee blocks??

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Random Thursday

I may not always have time to sew, but I always have time for Random apparently...

  • Athena performed yesterday and then acted in a play tonight about Hatsheput, the first female Pharoah.  I'll have pictures tomorrow.  She did so great!!
  • The kids and I ran a color run this past weekend.  Where volunteers literally chuck colored corn starch at you while you run.  Sounds weird--but tons of fun.  Poor Emma was sick with a stomach bug but wanted to run so badly that she ended up puking about halfway through (we'd been walking for almost a mile anyway) and couldn't finish.  But Oren and I did.  It was kind of a let-down when Chris and Em were already in the truck by the time we finished, but we still had a lot of fun.

  • I finished up my bee blocks for Katie today.  She asked for Rugby Stripe blocks via Alex's tutorial.  She's making quilts for her nephews for Christmas and asked us to help out.  Now I want to make an orange and blue quilt for Oren's bed like this.  I looked at everyone else' photos and my blocks are way scrappier than the rest...hopefully they won't stand out too much in the quilt.  I hate that when you question what you've made afterwards by comparing it to others...  Comparison is the thief of joy you know.
Better pictures to follow tomorrow

  • On a lighter note--I got my hair cut yesterday.  And when I say cut--I mean cut--like inches and inches cut.  I am never afraid of change with my hair because it grows pretty fast and I really trust my hairdresser.  Is that correct terminology--hairdresser?  I kinda feel like an old lady when I say that.  Is stylist better?  Anyway, I showed her these pics and told her to go for it.

This color


Layered shoulder length hair with bangs... this is almost exact to how I had mine done! I love it!
this cut

Here's what I ended up with...

I am not the queen of selfies.  In fact, I am like the anti-selfie-taker.  I cannot successfully take a good picture of myself!!
  • I think I'll actually like it even more as it grows out, so fingers crossed this style works for me for awhile.  I think so.  Also, sometimes I dye my hair dark about this time of year, but decided to go with a darker blonde this year for now.  I read that honey and caramel blondes are where it's at right now--and you know me--shades of hair color named after foods--I'm on that.  It's not near as dark as the picture I took in to show, but I do like it.  I can always darken it as we get farther into fall and winter.
  • Now I'm working on fall-inspired blocks for Shannon and our Empower circle of do. Good stitches.  She told us "Fall...go." well, a little more than that, but in a nutshell.  Our circle is great about trusting each other and being creative which I love.  We've done many quilts with a general idea only and come up with amazing results.  I couldn't have asked Rachel to put me in a better circle of friends and quilters.
Any guesses on what this will be??

  • Last Friday Oren and I went on a field trip to a local (generally-speaking--it was about 45 minutes away) farm that has an awesome fall pumpkin patch and corn maze.  They had all kinds of fun things for the kids to do and they had a ball.  I got some great pictures of their flowers since I did nothing with my yard this year and have only weeds to show for it.  

Zinnias are my favorite.

And the fields of sunflowers...be still my heart!!

  • When I finish up these blocks for Shannon, I've got my d.Gs quilt from May to finish piecing the top for.  I had to wait on some solids and then lost my mojo, but I feel it coming back to me...  And then I'm starting a project for my Dad for Christmas.  I wish I had a day or two with nothing but sewing hours in them...

Phew..that's plenty of random and more pictures than you really needed, but I sure feel better.  I'm linking up with Cindy and her awesome randomness.

Really Random

What have you been up to lately??

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm working on something!

Yep, bee blocks...for October...that month that's almost over!

But I should have them done tomorrow morning and then I've got all kinds of things to show y'all.  I finished Athena's dress and she wore it yesterday for her presentation.  The kids and I ran a colorful race.  I've got projects, projects, and more projects to finish, start or in my brain waiting on time to work on them.

I'll be back tomorrow to share...  :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lost and Found

So I had no intention of not blogging for a month.

Really, I didn't even know it had been that long.  But you see, my blog got lost.  My life got so full of other stuff--PTO, softball, karate, doctor appointments, subbing, running, etc, I couldn't find it.

So, after a full month of running around, I decided to take a few days to re-prioritize.  To look for what mattered most and you know what I found...

I found me.  And part of me is sewing.  Knitting.  Baking.  Creating.

So I found my way back here.  My blog--my time for me, my time spent with y'all, my very creative friends is important and has been found.

I've got a ton of things I wish I were working on, but this week I'm making something gold and silver and white.

You might look at the calendar and assume it's a Halloween costume of some sort.  It's not.  My sweet girl has been studying the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks in her Enrichment program at school and they're putting together exhibits and a play for the other 4th graders and us parents.

Emma's going to be Athena.  And Athena needs a worthy costume.  Em and I sat down with pencil and paper and she let me know just what she had in mind.  A gold bodice, white skirt, silver breastplate...she thought it through.  We went to JoAnn's where she picked out what she thought would work.  Athena's famous for wisdom, weaving, owls and war.  So we obviously needed fabric that showed off it was woven.  We needed silver for a breastplate, and we needed gold fabrics that looked regal enough for a Goddess.

I'm waiting for my little Athena to get home tonight so I can try this bodice on her before I add the skirt.  It looks awful small, like I messed up somewhere in my calculations...let's hope not.  Gathering all that sheer fabric over the (cheap) satin was a pain and I'd rather not do it again.  haha

I've missed y'all, my dear friends.  I promise to try and make time to always share with you and not let my creative endeavors get lost again.  It takes away a big part of me and I'm worse off for it.

What have you been up to and what are you working on this week?

p.s.  I THINK my bloggy birthday is coming up...  So that means there'll be goodies given away around here!  Check back soon!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless WIP Wednesday

Well, mostly...

Making some Lemon Squares blocks for Meesh in That Stash Bee.

Be back tomorrow...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Craft Book Month Blog Hop--My Fall Patchwork Pillow

Hello to any new readers!  I'm Kelli and welcome to my little corner of the world.  I was so excited when Lindsay asked me to participate in this blog hop.  I have a small stack of crafty books just waiting for an excuse to make something out of them!

Craft Book Month

I chose to work out of the book Pretty in Patchwork Holidays by John Q. Adams.

Pretty in Patchwork Holidays

 I bought this book last year and then promptly got busy and forgot to make anything out of it.  Not this year, my friends.  This book is filled with great projects that are both cute and fun to decorate your home with.

I chose to make the Holiday Surprise Reverse Applique Pillow by Angela Mitchell who is a star in her own right.  She's got such a great sense of style that I was sold at once.

Early pics!
photo found here

Only one problem--it's not even pretending to be time for Christmas decorations.  I mean, it's 91 degrees here in Florida this afternoon.  And I wanted something I could enjoy now!

So, I took Angela's pillow and modified it.  I changed the Christmas tree template to a leaf and I changed the green patchwork to more fall colors.

I love it!

I'd done reverse applique before and it really is quite a simple concept, but the results are stunning!  If you've never done reverse applique, you layer your base fabric over your design (in this case the patchwork) and then after sewing your desired shape, you cut away the base fabric to reveal your design.

I keep a scrap bag with just 2.5" squares and strips in it, so I dug through it to find scraps that screamed fall to me.  Originally, I added a few more colors in but my helpful husband guided me toward more yellows and oranges.  He wasn't a fan of the turquoise at all, but I think it makes the other colors pop so well and being perfectly honest--it's my favorite color so I try to add it in any place I can.  ;)

I mean, it's going on my couch, right??  Why not add in something special?

I only have one problem with this pillow...now I want more!  I want to line my couch with fall-inspired pillows!!  This little beauty needs some friends.  He's so lonely down there on the end of the couch by himself.

So I'm off to dig through the scrap bag again to make him some friends.  But rest assured, come winter, I'll be making this pillow again only using Angela's Christmas tree design...finally!

The girls over at Craft Buds are spreading the Craft Book love this month featuring different bloggers each day and offering prizes for anyone who links up a project made from a craft book this year!

Blog Hop

Week One

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Week Two

Monday 9/9: Hopeful Threads / Go To Sew

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 Saturday 9/14: Inspire Me Grey / Angela Yosten 

Week Three
Monday 9/16: Sew Very / Craftside
Tuesday 9/17: The Littlest Thistle / CraftFoxes

9/1-9/30: Link up your craft book project at Craft Buds from your blog or Flickr account, and enter to win prizes. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, October, 1!

To participate in the month-long contest, just link up any project you've made from a pattern in a craft book. That easy! You'll tell us a little about the book, the project, how you personalized it, etc.

1) One entry per person. 

2) Your craft book project must have been completed in 2013. 

3) Create a new blog post or Flickr photo (dated September 1, 2013 or later) and link back to Craft Buds/Craft Book Month in your post or photo description. In your post or photo description, make sure to list the craft book you used and provide a link if possible.

4) All winners chosen via Random.org. Some prizes available to international winners, so please join us!


Visit Craft Buds and link up your craft book project during the window of Sept 1-30 and you'll automatically be entered to win some fantastic prizes from the Craft Book Month sponsors!

No time to make a project? You can also follow Craft Buds all month long for your chance to comment and win some new sewing and quilting books for your library.

 Craft Book Month at Craft Buds