Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It’s been awhile since I was actually working on something to show off a work in progress on a Wednesday.  But deadlines will do that to you…

So, I’m busy working on the quilt for my Dad.  I mentioned before that he’s a Chicagoan with largely Irish roots.  So I knew that I wanted to make him an Irish Chain quilt.

Then my friend Dana decided to do a tutorial on a Double Irish Chain quilt and I knew immediately where I was headed with Dad’s quilt.

Dana’s quilt was full of pinks with a navy background but I could imagine swapping those pinks for some golds and greens and making my Dad a “Fighting Irish Chain” to honor both his heritage and his love of Notre Dame football.  J

How’s that for a nifty name?  It should be one of those before and afters on Wheel of Fortune!
Here's a quick mock-up that I made in EQ5.  
 Dana’s tutorial is great for laying out exactly what you’re going to need and how to get started.  I was using scraps instead of new fat quarters, so some of my piecing was a little more complicated but no harder--it just required me to think and count instead of blindly following directions.

And after seemingly forever while I waited for the navy fabric I had to order and cutting strips and sewing and pressing and trimming and sewing and pressing and sewing and pressing I’m finally getting some blocks made!

I’ve got 12 made so far and they come together so quickly that I should have most of the rest done by tonight.

These are Block A for the quilt and will not be set together like I laid them out here just for a quick shot.

They’ll be off-set with Block B which is mostly navy with gold corners.  I haven’t even started cutting them yet—one step at a time.  J

So, that’s what I’m working on today.  I just keep reminding myself that I’ve got to keep working—Christmas isn’t very far away!  Yikes!!

What are you working on today??
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  1. Fighting Irish Chain. You clever woman. (And also, I need one!)

  2. Yes, you are clever indeed! Great name and looks like it's going to be a great quilt, too!

  3. Hope you get it finished in time. The colors are wonderful for a manly quilt!

  4. Very cool project - one quilt I've always thought would be good to do!


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