Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!!

Goodbye to a great year!  While 2013 wraps up, I think back on all that went on this year.  We stayed busier than ever before which is a trend I see increasing in the next 10-15 years for our little family and that is a good thing I guess.  It means we're living our lives and trying new things and actively using each day here on Earth.

I think I made progress on my word(s) of 2013, which I actually had to look up, so saying I've accomplished Balance would be a lie, but I hopefully get better as I get older, so maybe one day...  And I definitely added More, but I'm not sure how much more was sewing/crafting/creating and how much more was life.  ;)

In 2013, I finished:
  •  7 quilts
  • 2 quilt tops waiting on basting
  • nearly 25 bee blocks or shared projects

  • 10 dresses/skirts/scarves/etc
  • a few projects (zip pouches, pillows, gifts, etc)

left 3 quilts as WIPS, AND ran a half marathon, got a new puppy, attended nearly a half million softball practices and karate and dance lessons (or it felt like it), vacationed, dealt with the never ending broken arm saga of Oren, welcomed my nephew to our family, took over as PTO president, ran a few 5Ks with my family and saw Chris honored as Teacher of the Year and as a Distinguished Educator from the University of Florida.

I'm calling 2013 a success.

Most of all though, I'm just thankful.  Thankful for all of y'all and the friends I've made here in blogland and through flickr and instagram.  Thankful for friends who get why sewing is important--how creative thoughts and acts make us better people.  How making things that serve both artistic and practical purposes can save your sanity.  :)

What are you most proud of in 2013 and what are you taking away from it?

Happy New Years Eve everyone!  May your evening be safe, fun and a great send-off to the last 365 days we've had!


  1. wow. a very full year. Full of goodness and I'm happy for you for that. ;-)

  2. oh, except Oren's arm. That's a bummer.

  3. what a busy year! hope 2014 is as productive for you (but with fewer Dr visits ; )

  4. 2013 was a busy year! Amazing what gets accomplished! I'm proud that I took the plunge and started a blog!

  5. Happy New Year! Here's to a relaxing January. :)

  6. Looks like you had a great year for creativity!


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