Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Random Thursday

I may not always have time to sew, but I always have time for Random apparently...

  • Athena performed yesterday and then acted in a play tonight about Hatsheput, the first female Pharoah.  I'll have pictures tomorrow.  She did so great!!
  • The kids and I ran a color run this past weekend.  Where volunteers literally chuck colored corn starch at you while you run.  Sounds weird--but tons of fun.  Poor Emma was sick with a stomach bug but wanted to run so badly that she ended up puking about halfway through (we'd been walking for almost a mile anyway) and couldn't finish.  But Oren and I did.  It was kind of a let-down when Chris and Em were already in the truck by the time we finished, but we still had a lot of fun.

  • I finished up my bee blocks for Katie today.  She asked for Rugby Stripe blocks via Alex's tutorial.  She's making quilts for her nephews for Christmas and asked us to help out.  Now I want to make an orange and blue quilt for Oren's bed like this.  I looked at everyone else' photos and my blocks are way scrappier than the rest...hopefully they won't stand out too much in the quilt.  I hate that when you question what you've made afterwards by comparing it to others...  Comparison is the thief of joy you know.
Better pictures to follow tomorrow

  • On a lighter note--I got my hair cut yesterday.  And when I say cut--I mean cut--like inches and inches cut.  I am never afraid of change with my hair because it grows pretty fast and I really trust my hairdresser.  Is that correct terminology--hairdresser?  I kinda feel like an old lady when I say that.  Is stylist better?  Anyway, I showed her these pics and told her to go for it.

This color


Layered shoulder length hair with bangs... this is almost exact to how I had mine done! I love it!
this cut

Here's what I ended up with...

I am not the queen of selfies.  In fact, I am like the anti-selfie-taker.  I cannot successfully take a good picture of myself!!
  • I think I'll actually like it even more as it grows out, so fingers crossed this style works for me for awhile.  I think so.  Also, sometimes I dye my hair dark about this time of year, but decided to go with a darker blonde this year for now.  I read that honey and caramel blondes are where it's at right now--and you know me--shades of hair color named after foods--I'm on that.  It's not near as dark as the picture I took in to show, but I do like it.  I can always darken it as we get farther into fall and winter.
  • Now I'm working on fall-inspired blocks for Shannon and our Empower circle of do. Good stitches.  She told us "Fall...go." well, a little more than that, but in a nutshell.  Our circle is great about trusting each other and being creative which I love.  We've done many quilts with a general idea only and come up with amazing results.  I couldn't have asked Rachel to put me in a better circle of friends and quilters.
Any guesses on what this will be??

  • Last Friday Oren and I went on a field trip to a local (generally-speaking--it was about 45 minutes away) farm that has an awesome fall pumpkin patch and corn maze.  They had all kinds of fun things for the kids to do and they had a ball.  I got some great pictures of their flowers since I did nothing with my yard this year and have only weeds to show for it.  

Zinnias are my favorite.

And the fields of still my heart!!

  • When I finish up these blocks for Shannon, I've got my d.Gs quilt from May to finish piecing the top for.  I had to wait on some solids and then lost my mojo, but I feel it coming back to me...  And then I'm starting a project for my Dad for Christmas.  I wish I had a day or two with nothing but sewing hours in them...

Phew..that's plenty of random and more pictures than you really needed, but I sure feel better.  I'm linking up with Cindy and her awesome randomness.

Really Random

What have you been up to lately??


  1. Okay. I have always wanted to do the color run. Your hair looks ah-mazing!! Good selfie too, by the way. Lovely pictures. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I LOVE your hair!! So cute. And my blocks are perfect. Pleas don't worry about them! They'll look fantastic in the quilt.

  3. Cool random. Love your haircut - just darling. and having things thrown at me? Probably not. but you go girl! ;-)

  4. Love your hair! How is it when you do it yourself? That's always the problem with my hair. I can never get it to look as good as the hair dresser does.

  5. I LOVE your haircut. I had mine very similar YEARS ago and the last time I was getting it cut, I considered it again. I did end up taking about 5 inches off, but it was loooong. You've inspired me to whack it next time. It's super, super cute.

    The color run looks like a blast. Sorry Emma had a puke fest for it. :(

  6. Dang it! Now you look way too cute to be my twin!! Love the hair and I'm sure your head feels about 20lbs lighter! Great pictures from Oren's field trip, too! I think it would be fun to be the one throwing the color in that race, since you know I'm sure not going to be a runner!


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