Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lost and Found

So I had no intention of not blogging for a month.

Really, I didn't even know it had been that long.  But you see, my blog got lost.  My life got so full of other stuff--PTO, softball, karate, doctor appointments, subbing, running, etc, I couldn't find it.

So, after a full month of running around, I decided to take a few days to re-prioritize.  To look for what mattered most and you know what I found...

I found me.  And part of me is sewing.  Knitting.  Baking.  Creating.

So I found my way back here.  My blog--my time for me, my time spent with y'all, my very creative friends is important and has been found.

I've got a ton of things I wish I were working on, but this week I'm making something gold and silver and white.

You might look at the calendar and assume it's a Halloween costume of some sort.  It's not.  My sweet girl has been studying the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks in her Enrichment program at school and they're putting together exhibits and a play for the other 4th graders and us parents.

Emma's going to be Athena.  And Athena needs a worthy costume.  Em and I sat down with pencil and paper and she let me know just what she had in mind.  A gold bodice, white skirt, silver breastplate...she thought it through.  We went to JoAnn's where she picked out what she thought would work.  Athena's famous for wisdom, weaving, owls and war.  So we obviously needed fabric that showed off it was woven.  We needed silver for a breastplate, and we needed gold fabrics that looked regal enough for a Goddess.

I'm waiting for my little Athena to get home tonight so I can try this bodice on her before I add the skirt.  It looks awful small, like I messed up somewhere in my calculations...let's hope not.  Gathering all that sheer fabric over the (cheap) satin was a pain and I'd rather not do it again.  haha

I've missed y'all, my dear friends.  I promise to try and make time to always share with you and not let my creative endeavors get lost again.  It takes away a big part of me and I'm worse off for it.

What have you been up to and what are you working on this week?

p.s.  I THINK my bloggy birthday is coming up...  So that means there'll be goodies given away around here!  Check back soon!


  1. Good to see you here! Hope Athena and her fancy fabric are a great fit!

  2. I can't imagine sewing with that fabric! It's going to look great. And, hi, crafty friend! :)

  3. I swear I was JUST thinking about you this morning. Wonderin' what side of the earth you had fallen off of. Ha. We all need a break every once in awhile. Whether or not it was intentional.

  4. Hey lady! I'm pretty sure my blogging got lost wherever yours was. But I'm so glad you're back! Emma is going to make the perfect Athena! Good luck on the costume, I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull that one off. I'll have to stick with my trusty felt and hooded sweatshirts. Did I mention that I'm glad you're back? ;)

  5. I love the honesty of this post. Life of a mom is full to the brim. It's full of here and there and everywhere and it's so easy to get lots in the fullness. Glad you are carving time out for yourself and your creativity. And yay for Athena!!


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