Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to Work

Let me take a moment to give a heartfelt thanks to every man and woman who has served their country as we honor our Veterans today.  Thank you also to the families of those veterans who have also served by sharing their loved one with us during their time of service.  Your work and commitment to our country does not go unnoticed.  Thank you just doesn't seem enough, but please believe how heartfelt it is.

Today in America, many of us have the day off of work and school to celebrate Veterans Day.  But I actually got some work done--quilting work that is.  Each year I make a quilt for one of my family members.  This year, it's my Dad.  He's a kind and easy-going person who gets along with just about everybody he meets.  He's a born-and-raised Chicagoan that fell in love with a small-town country girl and ended up living in Florida.  He's a die-hard White Sox, Bears, and Blackhawks fan.  Both sides of his family hail from Ireland not too far back on either family tree, and so he's a born Notre Dame fan as well.  He's a retired football coach and still a history teacher.  He'd do anything for any of us and deserves something special.

So, I decided on what I'm making and got set to start.  Then I realized I didn't have any navy fabric and had to order some.  While I wait for it to arrive, I went ahead and started cutting and sewing my green and gold strip sets.  I'm about halfway done.

I can't wait to show you some blocks when I get the navy.  I hope it turns out like I drew it up in EQ, but I'm going to keep you on the edge of you seat for awhile.  haha

And now--for the winners of the birthday Etsy Gift Card Challenge.  We had 30 entries and our trusty friend helped me choose Sarah from Thrift Store Crafter and Allison C. as the winners!  I'm emailing you both now.  You'll both have one week to get back with me before I choose new winners.

Thanks for all the birthday love.  I had a great and quiet weekend.

Congrats again to the winners!  I'm subbing the next 3 days this week, so I will hopefully make it back to post again this week...fingers crossed!  ;)


  1. Oh, Kelli. Your dad and I would get along juuuuust fine. Except for the Sox part (go cubs!). Oh, Notre Dame football. Sigh.

  2. Thank you so much for the Etsy gift card. I'm so excited to shop!!!

  3. I'm making my dad a quilt right now, too! My mom makes them for all the grandkids, so I figured I should make one for him since he gets left out - you know, "the plumber's wife" : P Look forward to seeing yours complete!


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