Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Finish

So, I have a finish this week.  Just one since I've been eating, breathing and sleeping Santa Shop for school next week.  But one is better than I thought I'd have.

I finished up Em's new dress that I made to test Jenny's latest pattern.  This one is the Com-PLEAT-ly Perfect Peasant Dress and it's a quick and easy sew.

I made the size 7/8 for Emma in her favorite shade...purple...uggghhhh.  Seriously, I looked through all of the girly patterns I've tested for Jenny and 3 of the 5 for Emma were in light  purple.  Seriously...

This dress calls for pleated sections to be added to the sleeves and hemline.  I didn't have a lot of solids to match this plaid, so we went with pink on the sleeves and just continued the plaid along the hemline.  Oh, and I'm just going to add--my plaids all matched up along the seamlines--booyah!

The only change I made to the pattern was to lessen the number of pleats along the bottom.  I did my hemline just like my sleeves and only after I was finished pinning did I realize Jenny called for twice that many pleats.  But, I liked how it looked and thought it might make the dress a little more "grown-up: with less pleats, so I left it.  Plus, I didn't have to fix it.  ;)

Emma loves the dress and was happy to model it.  I think the fabric she chose lends itself slightly to looking like a nightgown in this style dress, but the boots helped dress it up quite a bit.  A belt would be cute with it too.

I definitely recommend this dress if you're looking for a simple dress for your daughter Size 10 and under.  Jenny's patterns are easy to follow and use common sense to construct unlike many of the commercial patterns.

I'm linking up with Amanda Jean since I've actually accomplished something.  ;)

p.s.  I am in no way monetarily compensated when I test sew patterns.  I do receive the pattern for free to test it for errors, ease in sewing, instructions, etc, but all of my opinions are completely my own.

p.p.s  PLEASE someone tell me what I can do to make my pictures not appear blurry when inserted into blogger.  These are saved at a normal web size and sometimes appear fine and other times, blogger pixelates them weird.  Any advice??


  1. Your daughter is such a good model! She's beautiful!

  2. Look at how cute she is! Oh, and the dress too. :o)
    I have nothing nice to say about Blogger today, so I'll do as my mother taught me and say nothing at all.

  3. Such a cute dress and your daughter is so darling in it - fun photo shoot!

  4. Cute dress. Sorry, I'm no help on the picture conundrum, but they don't look blurry to me at least.


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