Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday--The Starry Edition

Hi everyone!!  I hope you are staying warm and dry today.  It is rainy and windy here, but after seeing how much of the US is under snow right now and the UK with rain, I'll take my day of rain, stay inside and call it a win.

I showed a pic yesterday on instagram of how frustrating it is to follow wrong directions.  I'm tired this week.  And I'm a little geometry/math challenged.  And I got 3/4 of the way through this block by following the rotary cutting instructions of my EQ5 (which led to more Y-seams by the way) before I threw the block away in disgust.
I don't know if you can see well, but the cutting directions were off and I was in no frame of mind to figure that math out on my own.  So, I printed the ever-faithful paper piecing templates and quit for the day.
Today I started over with the pp templates and made this beauty:
Strip Star
Sorry for the difference in the filters making these fabrics look so different but I LOVED how the darker filter made the stars in the blue sections really look like they were sparkling.

Wouldn't a quilt made out of just this block be neat?  You could even have colors radiating out across the quilt if you wanted to.  That would be cool.  But I digress...

Anyway, this is block 17/20.  The end is in sight.

After I threw the block away yesterday, I wondered if maybe I should just stick with 16 blocks and do bigger borders.  I'm making this quilt for Oren's bed, so I'm shooting for a quilt top that's roughly 80" x 88" but I'd like it a little bigger to make up for quilting and wash/dry shrinkage.  I designed 2 versions to show Oren last night.

Here's the 16-star quilt.  I added an outer row of sashing in white and blue and then bigger borders.  This quilt top finishes at 86 x 94.

Then here's the 20-star version like I'd originally planned.  It's got smaller borders and no outer sashing.  It finishes at 80" x 90".

Which one do you like?  I can't decide.  Oren of course wants all 20 stars he was originally promised!  I've got all but the last 3 on the bottom row made and while they don't exactly look like this, it's close enough for me to see what I've got and where I'm going.

So help me you side with Oren and think it needs all 20?  Do you think I should convince him 16 is good.  I plan to make all 20 either way and just put 4 on the back to offset the Star Wars fabric I relented to buy a small amount of for the back if I go with 16.

I'm linking up with Lee.  Head over to see what everyone else is up to...
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  1. It`s just awesome.Love all your stars!!

  2. You've got so far, this block looks good, why stop and risk a disappointed Oren? Don't sell the kid short; give him the full 20 blocks.

  3. Hmm. I prefer the first layout, but you can't go wrong!

  4. I like the 20 blocks but the wider blue outside border of the first. Both are great looking, though, so I'm sure whatever you decide will be a wonderful quilt for your son : )

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