Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gently-used Giveaway!!!

**Edited to add--Giveaway Closed!  Thanks to everyone who wanted stuff.  Go, create and then show me what you made!!  I might be jealous I gave it away!**

Don’t you love it when you see someone describe something as gently-used.  It always makes me laugh.  Like, “I knew all along I was going to want to get rid of this, so I only used it gently.  I never even thought of using it roughly!”  I’m not sure much at my house would ever be resold or given away as something gently used…  So, instead of saying I used it gently, I'll call this a hardly-used giveaway instead.  ;)

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m cleaning and reorganizing my sewing/craft room and I have a TON of stuff I'd like to give to other crafty people so that it will be used instead of taking up space here.  I figure, its better that someone use it, and then I’ve got room to get NEW stuff! 

I decided to categorize the stuff and “donate” it that way since I don’t know if anyone will even really want any of this.  I don’t have that many readers and it might be those that do really don’t want these things.  So, I’ve come up with 6 categories: fabrics (in various sizes and colors), ribbons (extremely various sizes and colors), quilting magazines and books, general crafting magazines and books, scrapbooking embellishments (mostly stickers but other things too), and scrapbooking papers (in all colors).

I’ll put the stuff up here with a short description and picture and if you want any/all of it, just let me know.  I’ll do it first come-first served and if no one has claimed an item by next week, it goes somewhere else to live…via craigslist, freecycle, the landfill…I’m a packrat by nature, so once I’ve decided to purge myself of something, it has to leave or else I’ll get sucked in to keeping it again.

I hope there are things listed here that you really can use.  I didn’t measure any of the fabric or ribbon pieces, but I did throw out anything that I thought was really too small to use for anything. 
The fabrics range from a large scrap to about yard I would guess.  The fabrics on the far left (light green and pink with dancers) are flannel, but everything else is cotton.  There are different weights and qualities here.  Some of these fabrics were given to me by people who said “Oh, you sew…I’ve got a bag of stuff I’ll bring to you!” Some are fabrics I bought early on that I have changed my mind on, and some are just fabrics I know I’ll not use for a long time, if ever, and rather than take up space here, I’m sharing.  I don’t have a big collection of designer fabrics just yet because I’m cheap I am thrifty and usually use designer fabrics for a specific project and move on.  Give me awhile longer to quilt and I’m sure I’ll have some of that to give away too!
There are 37 different prints in varying size, color and weight.
The ribbons are all different lengths from a few inches to a spool-full.  These are varying widths and textures as well.  I LOVE ribbon and hate to let go of any that comes tied on a package, wrapped around something, or in a cute display at the store.  I guess it’s like fabric, but so much smaller and seemingly cheaper I have a harder time saying no.  But…I will never use all of the ribbons I have on hand, so I dutifully parted with some, although my ribbon jars are still very full.  It’s a sickness that I have to step away from a little at a time.

There are a BUNCH of different lengths, widths, colors and materials here!
The quilting magazines and books are some that I have accumulated over the last few years.  There are no projects in these that called out to me “Make me!  Make me!!!” overly loudly, so I’m passing these on before I find a project in them that I do need to add to my never-ending “Things to make” list.

5 Magazines, 2 soft-cover booklets, 1 soft-cover book and 1 hard back.  All in great shape.  (Most only thumbed through!)
The crafty magazines are mostly from the Creative Home Arts club that I joined in hopes they’d give me some great (and expensive) crafty materials to try out for free and give my opinion on.  No such luck, yet.  The magazines are full of projects, just not many that appeal to me right now, so again…they need to leave before I change my mind!

15 Creative Home Arts magazines, 1 Do-it-Yourself Magazine from BHG and one Holiday Crafts mag.
The scrapbooking supplies, both paper and stickers are accumulated from here and there and are some gifts, some impulse buys and some things I’ve just grown tired of and want to pass on so I don’t feel guilt at not using them.  Some of the sticker sheets are new or like new and some have missing letters or designs, but all have most if not all of the letters and are in good shape.  The papers are all the thinner accent paper weight and not heavy card stock, and are all full sheets--most are 12x12 but some are 8 1/2 x 11. 
Letter and Embellishment stickers, rub-ons, colored staples, vellum & metal tags, chipboard embellishments, colored star brads, etc.

A Scrap-though the Year kit including papers, stickers and embellishments, a travel scrap pad with some papers and paper-piecing embellishments and too many papers to count.  There is a TON here! 
I love to share and have ideas on doing something like a swap meet in the future where we can link up with things we’d like to share or trade with other crafters, but that will require some further thinking and a larger reader base so it’s worthwhile for all of us involved…

Okay, well…as I said before, I would love for these items to be used by other crafty people out there and am willing to box it all up and ship it to you for free.  You just need to let me know what you’d like and an address.  To make it easier for me, I only ask that you take an entire category or at least half of it so I’m not spending my days and dollars at the post office making a bunch of tiny mailings.  For example, I can understand not wanting all of the fabrics or magazines, but please don’t ask for one specific piece, ask for at least half of what is there.  I’ll allow you to be choosy, so long as you’re nice enough to take a big chunk of it off my hands!  ;) 

So, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that there of some of you out there wanting to take my gently-used items and create with them.  That’s part of what I love about this creative blogging community…the sharing of ideas and materials that keeps us all inspired.  


  1. Hi! I would love to give your fabric a new home :) Or the quilty magazines, if no one else wants them. (Although, really, why wouldn't they?) Thanks so much!

  2. I agree with aimee! I would love to put any fabric or magazines to good use!!! This is fabulous!!!!
    Mugirl113 at gmail dot com

  3. Thanks, girls! I've emailed both of you. Anybody want what's left?

  4. What a great giveway! thank you and I would like quilty magazines/books, fabric and I would even take some ribbon! I could really use it and appreciate the giveaway!

  5. I would love to take whatever is left!


  6. My fabric closet is happy to give some fabric a new home! I'd also love the quilty magazines and books. Great giveaway!


  7. I would love the scrapbooking stuff!

  8. I'd love the stickers, letters, rubons, embellishments and brads

  9. Oh my email is


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