Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finishes are great any day...

So I had this whole post written out in my head yesterday about everything I'd gotten finished this week and then somehow it was this morning and I realized I hadn't actually written the post yet.  So, consider this a Finished on Friday post just on a Saturday...  ;)  This summer stuff is murder on my time management!

For starting off summer and still having something scheduled every day including ball practices and scrimmage games, birthday parties, dance classes and recitals, we managed to get quite a bit done around here too.

First up, I made this little onesie for my brother-in-law for Father's Day.  My sister called and asked me if I could put this quote on a onesie to give to him.  He's a big Star Wars fan like the rest of the geeks guys in my family.  I think he'll like it.  I always forget how quick and easy heat-transfer vinyl crafts are...I should really do them more often.  This literally took maybe 20 minutes start-to-finish...

Next up, I got all of my bee blocks done for my Nubees swap.  I've still got my Modern Blocks and do. Good Stitches blocks to make, but progress has to start somewhere.  I chose to make simple star blocks this month, but used this cool tutorial I found on pinterest.

This week we also picked a bucket full of blackberries that the kids and I turned into a pint of seedless blackberry jam.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but imagine a pint-sized jar full of blackberry jam and you're getting a real good idea.  ;)  It was fun to teach the kids what goes into canning and how food is made.  I see more canning in Emma's future...for Oren, I see eating what we've canned in his.  haha

And, last night and tonight, we're finishing up a great year of ballet for Emma.  Her recital is this weekend.  She did SOOOOO GREAT last night.  She is a little bit of a Nervous Nelly a lot of the time, but when she's on stage, she just does her thing.  She got worried yesterday afternoon that she couldn't remember the routine, but I told her that every single person in that audience, whether they knew her or not, was rooting for her and was proud to see her get up there and to just have fun and go for it and she and her class did.  They were absolutely beautiful and I was so proud of her.

Next weekend is Emma's all-star district tournament, so we've got 3 practices next week, but dance will be over and I don't think we have any birthday parties scheduled, so it looks like our swimming and sewing time may open up a little.  ;)  Sounds like paradise to me!

I hope each of you has a great weekend!  Enjoy your time.  :)


  1. what busy times with the littles, but such a wonderful time your bee blocks - I just added one of those stars to my solstice stars quilt.

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! Love the blocks! Haha, imagining the jar of jam now! =D

  3. Cute onesie! That font is perfect, too. Emma looks beautiful in her dance outfit. Hope she had a great time in her recital and good luck in next week's tournament!

  4. Serge loved the onesie!! Thanks so much!!

  5. Hi Kelli! Emma looks so beautiful in her dance recital picture! She's growing up! Your seedless blackberry jam sounds divine. I've never canned anything - is it hard? And those star blocks came out really cool! I hope you're enjoying your summer - it sounds like you are!


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