Monday, June 25, 2012


I don't know if y'all have heard of a little weather system known as Tropical Storm Debby...but it is sitting directly on us.  It has literally rained most of the last 36 hours.  Yes, Emma played an entire game yesterday in a monsoon.  Yes, Chris coached an entire game in a monsoon, and yes, Oren and I and the other families sat huddled under umbrellas, raincoats and towels to cheer our little girls on in a monsoon.

BUT....our girls played hard and won the tournament!  Yep, they played in HOT and MUGGY weather on Friday and Saturday to make it to the championship game and then defeated our neighboring town in mudbath of a game on Sunday.  The State Tournament is next week and our little girls were so excited to get that trophy and get to go.  There was quite a bit of squealing.

I love these 3!  Oren has been the best mascot this summer, attending every practice and game without complaint and staying out of the way.  So proud of these 3!
 And, it is still raining here, so I am alternating my time today between keeping the kids from driving me and each other crazy and getting a little sewing done.  Please excuse the less-than-stellar pictures that follow...

I finished up my last two Summer Sampler blocks (from last summer...) and decided on a layout.

Here is block 1:

I promise that middle section is not at all bumpy and uneven like in this photo...even I would rip that out and try again!  ;)
And here is block 2.  One thing I liked about making 2 of each block was the ability to learn the design and how to get the most out of it.  Block one is incredibly scrappy because I just cut and sewed.  But Block 2 is made with the same fabric scraps (I cut everything and bagged it up last summer so I could just grab a bag and get sewing), but by knowing the block and thinking, I made everything line up in this one.

And here is the proposed layout:

I am going to add a thin sashing in a bright red solid I think.  That's what Chris suggested and I think he's right.  I've got 4 extra blocks, but they are the blocks with a solid background and I pulled them for the back.  One set came out WAY SMALLER than the rest of the blocks and one set used the red from the Make Life Layer Cake that I started out with and I didn't want the reds to compete.

So, since I actually have some red solid in my stash, I'm ready to get started...right after I take these kiddos for a rainy swim...they've gotta get some outside time or I think there might be some yelling going on around here pretty quick.  Wish me luck with Debby...I thank God for the rain we were in desperate need of, but I am ready for her to move on!


  1. Wow the weather sounds awful, and they still played in it! Crazy!! Great that they won though!
    Cool looking blocks, I think the red sashing will make them stand out =D

  2. Can't believe they played in that weather! We've also been experiencing the non-stop rain (I think we are in the same part of FL, BTW) so I'm going a bit stir crazy myself

  3. That sounds miserable! But YAY, Emma!! Your blocks are looking great and I think Chris is right about the sashing. Too bad you can't ship some of that rain up here!

  4. Sorry the storm has caused such craziness! You are being a verrry good sport! And I love that your Summer Sampler blocks are ready to sash together - how fun!!


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