Saturday, April 6, 2013

Halfway There

In November I asked the Empower Circle of do. Good Stitches to make wonky pinwheels (from this tutorial)

Wonky Pinwheel Tutorial

in these colors:


I love this design and I also loved the simplicity I thought putting them together would bring.  I'd get them in November, slap them together, sew up my rows and be ready to quilt, bind and send this baby on.

I thought wrong...

With the holidays and some personal issues going on, I didn't get them all in until January and then I still had to make mine which I'd put off until I had them all.

Then when I got them all laid out to sew together I realized that some of the blocks were sewn together wrong.  It was an easy-to-make mistake.  I almost did it myself.  A few girls matched the points instead of making the wonky pinwheel and these blocks stuck out big time!

So, I had to rip them apart and re-sew those blocks before I could put the top together.  I think 5-6 were wrong, so it wasn't hard to fix them, it just took time to do it.

But finally, I've got all of the block sewn together into a quilt top and I do love it!

I love the fabrics in this block!  

I'm thinking an over-all FMQ on this quilt.  Maybe stippling.  Maybe a loop-de-loop design.  I'm not sure.  I don't think I want to do anything straight because of all of the angles in the quilt besides the wonky-ness of the pinwheels.

This block was made with linen--LOVE it!!!
But I don't want overly dense quilting because of all of the seams in this one.  It's already pretty heavy.  I don't want this quilt to be a pain to cuddle under.

Suggestions?  Ideas?

I love my d.GS circle.  The girls are all so kind and creative.  It's such a fun group to work with, talk with, and do good for others with.

If you've ever considered joining up either as a stitcher or a quilter, I'd highly recommend it.  The rewards far outweigh the work you put in.  And we can all stand to give a little more to make someone else's day brighter can't we?


  1. oh this is lovely! I think an all-over design would be perfect!

  2. I LOVE this one! The inspiration colors are awesome and it translated perfectly. The linen is spectacular. Two thumbs up. :o)

  3. I love it! The block you chose is such a fun one and the colors are nice and soothing. I always have big ideas of getting my dGS quilts done in the next month but I don't think it's very realistic. Things happen, but at least we're getting them done, right? I would definitely go for an all- over design for quilting. Maybe some big loopy swirly things? That specific enough for ya?

  4. I think it looks great! Love the colours. Yeah all over quilting, something loopy and soft, and not too dense I reckon.

  5. Oh! I like the wonky pinwheels and your color palette is fresh and breezy. I'm kinda leaning towards a loose and loopy type of quilting. Have you decided yet?

  6. Your quilts are always so much fun. Love them. Have you decided on your quilting? I understand the hesitation, I am at the same point with my quilt top... what to do? Ugh. Also - I apologize profusely because I am terrible at directions and I am 99.9% sure that I was one of the dorks who did her blocks wrong. :( I am so sorry :(


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