Monday, April 1, 2013

It only felt like...

A Trip Around the World.

Chris' cousin and his wife had a baby in December after years of trying and complications.  We were all over the moon happy for them and Chris and I wanted to make something special for them.  He's still trying to figure out what to build them, but I FINALLY finished up the baby quilt I made for sweet Izzy.

After finishing the blocks, I machine-embroidered her name on the quilt and then attempted to machine-embroider a flower only to have it tear a hole in the quilt top.  So, I found this little satin applique at Walmart of all places and added it over the mishap.

 When it came to quilting I wasn't sure, so this project took a little nap for awhile while I thought.  I wanted to do straight lines along the diagonals, but Izzy's name was in the way.  So I thought I'd meander-quilt it with hearts or flowers included but still her name was there and bugging me.  So I decided to just draw a circle around her name and go from there.  But then I liked the idea of circles (because I just do) so I traced both a plate and a saucer all over the quilt and machine-quilted over them.

I tried to use my free-motion foot, but my machine kept jamming up, so these are with just a regular foot and lots of pivoting and moving.  :)

For the back I just grabbed fabrics in pink, green, or brown and slapped them together.  I'm not a big fan of the back, but the quilting does show up nicely.

So, honesty time--This quilt is not my favorite.  It seems like this quilt fought me at every turn and it seemed like a battle to get it done.  But I was trying to marry my style with someone else's who has very different tastes to me.  She is very traditional, elegant, etc.  I'm whimsical, bright, and eclectic.  So I guess I'm not surprised.  A few times I really considered just starting all the way over and doing something different, but with Izzy embroidered on the front, it makes it kinda hard to re-tool the project and I hated to trash something I'd worked on and was so near completion.

I plan to give it to them with the understanding that it's not an heirloom quilt.  Izzy can roll, spit up, play, and nap on it.  She can drag it around, make a fort with it, keep it in the car/stroller/etc. Whatever floats their boat.  I hope it will get much use out of it and that they'll know we love them and wanted to make them feel special.  I guess that's all you can really ask for with a gift.

I am glad to be done with this project and hopefully they will love it.  Not all of our finishes have to be favorites, sometimes we can get bogged down by what we see as negatives.  I'm not going to--I'm going to see this as a finish that will hopefully provide comfort and love to a family I care about.  And now I've got time to work on a project I do love, so it's a win-win!

Have you ever made a gift that you weren't overly fond of?  Did you go ahead and gift it or start over?


  1. I say gift it! I kind of love the way the quilting looks on the back - like bubbles. And although I'm not a huge fan of the scrappy trip blocks myself either, I really love the colors you used and that makes a big difference!
    And I know what you mean about making something to fit another person's style. My mom seems to be stuck in the style my grandmas used to make quilts and is always talking about how she loves those old things. Most definitely NOT my style! However, I really want to make her something, so after months and months of "thinking about it" I have settled on a very traditional "Storm at Sea" block pattern with a non-traditional color placement that I love. I think she is going to love it and it has been fun for me to work on. It took some work to find something that fit both of our styles, but I just knew I would hate it if I didn't get to incorporate my own style into it. It's definitely been a learning experience branching out and trying something new!
    The only problem is that my mom seems to love hand quilting... Oh boy.

  2. Mummy, I've had to work with colours I'm not fond of, but not while projects. If things fight me along the way I tend to put them away and not finish them. Bad of me :-/. I think the quilt top is really nice for a baby and has turned out quite traditional and elegant, yet has aspects of modern and bright too.

  3. Personally I think this is darling and you were brilliant with the quilted circles. But yes, I have made things I don't really care for - sometimes at the request of others, sometimes, my own idea. If I think it will be well-received and is a quality piece, I set my personal issue aside. Most often it is appreciated in spite of me.

  4. I think this turned out really cute! I know it was majorly frustrating for you, but it really is a fun little quilt. And I love the quilting!I'm sure they will love it and appreciate all your work. I have made things that I don't like before, but honestly I usually end up not giving them as gifts. Mostly because I tend to do my worst work on them, even when I don't mean to. It just seems to happen and so those are the ones that get put in the cabinet for forts or given to charity. Is that awful? I'm already a little insecure about giving people handmade gifts so if I do gift something I made it has to be one that I really like!


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