Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Starry Night Sky is completed

It's done!!

Kim gave our Rad {Empower} circle the challenge this month of making Rainbow Stars at Nightfall.  And these were her directions:

                       Take any solid dark colors you have, preferably the blue and purple tones that remind you of the 
                        night sky like Kona Navy, Midnight, Indigo, Nightfall, Eggplant and take your assigned color and 
                       make a block with any amount of stars and any type of star you prefer whether it be appliqué, wonky, 
                       or any other kind you can think of. Instead of doing two 12.5” square blocks, I would prefer for each 
                       of you to make one 12.5” by 33” block.

My assigned color was silver/gold or neutrals.  So I did both.  But y'all know that improv isn't really my thing.  I struggle with balance and with measurement.  I have trouble seeing how it's going to look without a plan. of the points of this group is to stretch yourself.  You're making quilts to give, to share, to expand your horizons beyond your own life.  The least you can do is try something new once in awhile.

So I went into this with the most basic of plans.  I did base the first section of the block on the Stargazing block from Modern Blocks.  That took up 12 inches of the said 33.  But even there I stepped out of my comfort zone to use multiple dark shades for the background.  Seems simple, but for me--so daring!  ha

From there I wasn't sure where I wanted to go--more wonky blocks?  Something different?  So I slept on it and yesterday and today I just went for it with stars I like.  I really wanted a twinkling appearance so I didn't want anything to big or boxy.  My last wonky star got a little chunky, but other than that, I'm really happy with how the entire thing turned out.

This was a really fun improv experience for me to just go with the flow and sew.  Maybe I'll give it another try...


  1. oh you did great! What an interesting bee assignment! Hope you don't mind I shared on AQT fb.

  2. It looks awesome! I have a very hard time with improv, too, but you did great! This will be a neat quilt!

  3. I really like all the different dark tones for the background. The stars do seem to sparkle, I think it's the different sizes and shades that do it. Really fun.

  4. Your block ROCKED! I love how it appears to twinkle.


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