Saturday, March 2, 2013


See this face right here?

 I fell in love with it the day I saw it.  Actually, before I saw it.  This is the face that made our family even more special.  This is my baby's face.  This is my Oren's face.  Isn't it precious.

Seven years ago today, this precious boy came into our lives.  Making us wait all day while he debated being born AFTER my water broke and I got my epidural.  We should have known what we were in for from Day 1.

First Birthday eating his special basketball cake.

It's been seven years of laughs, crashes, messes, hugs, frustrating moments, focus issues, Star Wars, building blocks, accidents, and more love than I could have known.

Little Mr. Man (almost 18 months old)
This boy is so precious to me and I can't help but love him more each day.  He drives me crazy with his lack of attention to detail except when it comes to minute Star Wars stuff that I couldn't care less about.  He never hurries and is often so busy thinking that he forgets halfway through a job what he's supposed to be doing.  But I love him.

How could you not love this face?
Oren is good at reading, chicken wing-eating, laughing, bowling, smiling, thinking, forgiving, jokes, swimming, driving Daddy's truck (with a little help...), building and creating and loving.

Halloween 2009

 He gets migraines that put him down for the count and has been struggling with some stomach issues that haven't been fun.  But he never complains.  He just accepts what God gives him and gets through it.  He's got an older sister that's good at most everything she does and makes sure he knows it but he loves her and constantly roots for her to succeed even when he doesn't.

Love him!
 Oren is so well-liked by adults and children alike because he's so kind.  He's not afraid to laugh at himself and he isn't "too cool" to play with anyone.  He's easy-going and happy to be helpful.  He's confident in himself but not at all proud.  He's just Oren.

It may take awhile for it to show, but this boy has a temper and once you've made him mad, he will defend himself.  His sense of right and wrong is pretty strict and he'll tell you if he thinks you're wrong.  But he'd never intentionally hurt your feelings or make you feel bad about yourself.

My Little King--Homecoming 2011
 He's growing fast and I see more of who he will be each day.  It's bittersweet to see your baby becoming his own person and needing you a little less each day.  Yeah, I'm still his main squeeze for a few more years, but I know the day is coming when it'll be some other girl he's wanting to sit by and my heart will swell when he finds "the one" just like it will break when some girl breaks his.

Christmas 2012 with his new BB Gun.

I am in love with this special kid and I thank God every day for the chance to be his Mama.  The chance to raise him, teach him, love him and guide him is an honor that I take very seriously.  

I pray each night (and often during the day) that he'll continue to grow--physically, emotionally, mentally, spriritually.  I pray that I will help him become the man God wants him to be.  But I selfishly also hope that the man part takes awhile to get here.  I love this little boy that is growing into a big boy.

Happy 7th Birthday Oren!  Mama loves you so very much!


  1. My son just turned 7 the other week so I'm right there with you! They're our hearts, aren't they?

  2. Sweet tribute to your little guy.

  3. Such a heartfelt post... Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awwwww, so sweet. Happy birthday little man!
    The Kid turned 7 in January and I can just hardly believe it. Where does that time go?!

  5. Naww, so cute! My son Joe was born in October 2006 and his newborn photos look very similar to Oren. Beautiful chubby cheeks! Mind you, Joe was 9lb 5oz. Similarly, Joe is not fast to do many things and often forgets what he's supposed to be doing in the midst of doing it too. However, he arrived in a hurry, but has never been in a rush since! It's sad that our babies grow up. I have to remind myself that they are ready to, that it's good for them, otherwise I would focus on life passing too quickly too often. Happy Birthday to Oren!

  6. So sweet! Oren is becoming such a little man. I love seeing his progression from newborn to adorable 7 year old! Migraines and tummy troubles sound awful, but hopefully you guys get it sorted out soon. Oren sounds like a wonderful kid!


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