Monday, March 18, 2013

Just keep sewing...

I've been finishing up a block here and a block there lately.

I've finished up one of my March bee assignments and have been mentally working on the second.  In That Stash Bee, Whitney asked for Simply Woven blocks in orange and aqua that she's putting into a quilt for her Dad.  He's a Gator fan just like me so these were easy and fun blocks to put together.  Jessica's put together a great tutorial and every quilt I've seen made from it has been so great.

I also made two more blocks for February's Empower group.  Michonne was short a few blocks and so I whipped up some of the filler blocks and sent them to her.  I can't wait to see this quilt together because with the black and bright colors, I think it's going to be amazing!!

I got another block done for Oren's Star (Wars) quilt.  This one was called Dakota Star and I paper-pieced it.  Chris thought it was a little too flowery for a Star Wars quilt with that white patterned fabric, but I hope not--because it's done, it's different, and I kinda like it.  What do you think??

And finally, I've been finishing up my blocks for the quilt I picked back in November (hangs head in shame) for our Empower group.  I had to wait on a couple of blocks from one of the members so I mentally just put this quilt on the back burner.  Last week I realized how long ago November was so I'm ready to get this one off the to-do list and sent to it's new home.  I'm almost done piecing the squares and then they'll be pieced together to make 2 blocks.

Luckily, these blocks will all just go together with no sashing, no intricate piecing or decisions of what goes where.  It's a scrappy-wonky-glory and I can't wait to see it pieced.  :) big finishes to write home about, but little finishes turn into big ones, so I'm plugging along...

What are you up to this week?  Any big projects or are you plugging along too?


  1. Fabulous blocks and the star wars one looks great to me! It is like a star or laser! :)

  2. Nice blocks & yay for getting your Empower group out of the stack! I need to pick a back for my Faith Circle quilt - if I could get past that, I might be brave enough to quilt it!!


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