Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Something New...

I’ve been having trouble finding my voice lately.  You know, the voice that you project on your blog.  The voice that represents who you are and what you’re doing.  The voice that shows the online community “This is me and me is awesome!” 

I’ve been better at balancing the rest of life lately, but I feel like somehow blogging got left out of the mix.  I haven’t been inspired lately to talk I guess.  And I always feel like forced content shows so I didn’t want to go down that road.

I am hoping that as my sewjo came back with a vengeance, my blogging voice will too.  There is a season for everything, and I’m hopeful that this unintended blogging break will soon be over…

In the meantime, here’s a peak into what I’m working on in the most un-contrived voice I’ve got right now…

I’m wrapping up my Something New Sampler.  And that’s a good thing since a completed quilt top (but not completed quilt) is due Friday to be eligible for prizes in this blog hop/quilt-along.  I’m a last-minute kind of girl lately…ok, most of my life.

I finished up the last block today and now I just need to assemble them into a quilt top.  Today I made the Cathedral Windows block.  It was actually from weeks ago but I was kinda dreading making it and saved it for last.

This block is one of those blocks I've always wanted to make someday.  Everyone has that list of quilts to make before they’re old.  Mine includes Dresden plates, a mariners compass, etc.  Yes, I want to say I’ve done it.  I want to have it in my repertoire.

But actually make it??  That’s a totally different story.  Anyone who knows me knows that patience is a virtue I don’t have in much abundance.  And this block needs patience.  It’s not hard to do—just slow and precise.  I may be slow, but I am NOT a precise kind of person.

So, I’m not showing ANY up close pictures of this block whatsoever.  Even this felt a little too close but I trust y'all to treat me gentle...please??...  Almost nothing matches up right and if I was making this for anyone other than myself I’d redo the whole block.  But, it is for me, for now at least, and right now, I’m happier with completion than perfection.   

Here are all 9 blocks.

I’m considering layout options but I know I'm going with a navy background.  I bought a bunch of Kona Navy last week at JoAnn with this project and another in mind.  I’m hopeful that the navy will tone down the brightness of some of the pinks and bring balance to the colors.  I’m planning on lots of negative space since the blocks aren’t very wide and negative space and I aren’t the best of friends…I want to like it, and often do on other people’s quilts, but not so much my own.  We shall see….hopefully by tomorrow! 


  1. Well; it looks good!! I did the same with the Cathedral Window piece. Finally 2 ago I made a little pin cushion with the pattern. then moved on to another way of putting together for a table runner. That one is not posted yet...have to bind it. But like you said; it isn't difficult...just precise, I am not that!!!!!! lol.

    But it is a very pretty block

  2. Did you use linen? It's pretty.

  3. Anxious to see these on your background - good for you for trying one of your 'someday' blocks! And be patient with your voice....we can't always be 'on.'

  4. I love your blocks! (You could sew little buttons at the intersections of the windows, if you're not happy with how they meet up - I've seen that done on quite a few of these blocks and it looks great!)
    If you don't feel like blogging then don't feel you have to - maybe you just need some time away so that your voice can make itself known to you xx


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