Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Random 4th of July

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to my American friends!  Ours is pretty low-key here.  We're headed to watch fireworks tonight, but the day we've spent together at home as we have big vacation plans coming up next week.

Why do they grow so fast???

As I mentioned last week, I'm on a mission to empty my WIP baskets.  In the last week, I've
  • sewn straps on a dress for Emma.
  • made a baby dress out of that poor excuse for a skirt
  • hemmed and narrowed the shoulders on a cordoroy dress my Grandmother had made and never finished that fits me perfectly
  • patched an old pair of Chris' jeans
  • Sewn together a bodice and skirt on a dress I made 2 summers ago and never finished.  I've just got to add in the zipper and bottom hem and it's wearable.

Finishing all of these projects feels good.  I can now see the basket which is a huge improvement from this time last week.  And I've kept my sewing room clean by picking up after myself each time I come in here.  New leaf??  Maybe--I'm liking it.  :)

What have we been doing outside of my sewing room?

  • I've run a lot.  I finished my 56 miles in June and am working on 50 miles in July.
  • Chris is building the cutest little rocking chair!  He's got it all apart now while he's finishing it but I can't wait to show you guys the finished chair.  Here's a sneak peek from last week.

  • Stayed inside A LOT--it's rained most of the last 4 days.  Yep--4 days.  Seriously, it rained for almost all of the daylight hours on Monday.  My driveway was its own mudpit.  I could have charged admission to some local rednecks for a fun afternoon.
  • Oren got glasses.  He looks so cute!  He was having trouble seeing things clearly from far away.  I'd asked him about 20 times, but I guess he didn't realize it until I was with him and could say I can read that--can you?
I seriously just want to squeeze him every time he puts these on!!  I love this little face!!!!

    • And I found this shirt for sale on GroopDealz...look familiar??  Sorry the pic is so small, the deal is expired so I can't get the pics to blow up any bigger.  The front looks exactly like the shirt I made for Em!

    And what do we have coming up?

    • Possibly no fireworks because it is coming down here again...  Seriously, like I just about jumped out of my skin the thunder crashed so loudly.
    • A family reunion next week for my Grandparents` 60th wedding anniversary.
    • Chris and I will be celebrating our 11th on the day of the party.
    • My Dad will celebrate his 60th birthday the next day.  (We're celebrating my Mom's parents...)
    • We're taking the kids to St. Louis on the way to see a Cards game and visit the Arch.
    • We're taking them to Mammoth Cave and Rock City on the way home.

      Lots going summer always goes.  What are you up to today?  Do you have big plans for the 4th (if you're American) and what projects are you working on?? 

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      1. Happy 4th July! They look so cute! Love the rocking chair!

      2. Love that boy with his new glasses! And that rocking chair is like the cutest thing ever! Reminds me of the one in your living room. :)

      3. That rocking chair is perfection! You've definitely got yourself a handy man. And I am incredibly impressed with your finishing skills this week. Glad you could do something productive with that crazy skirt! Y'all are going to have a fun trip. Rog and I were just talking about taking the kids to Mammoth Cave the other day. I remember going to St. Louis when I was Oren's age and riding up in the Arch thinking we were all going to die! I'm sure they've improved it in the last twenty-five years, but that little elevator car lurched around so bad on the way up I was sure we were about to fall to our deaths. And with all the other fun stops on your way back you guys are having such an Americana vacation! Have fun!

      4. Seriously, two weeks ago we were in FL for vacation and I waved when we went by an exit close to you. Now you are going to be in KY, you will love mammoth cave!

      5. We finished our school term here in Australia and now have 2 weeks winter break. I'm so tired and worn out and so are my kids. We really need this two weeks of no alarm clocks and afternoon quiet time! I like that top. I like how you justified which grandparents had been married for 60 years! Haha

      6. Oh my gosh, that first pictures is too stinkin' adorable. I die over the cuteness.
        We spent the entire friggin' day at Ikea. So much for a two-hour in and out. It was literally ALL DAY.
        We grilled some burgers and dogs late, and then did fireworks with the kids on the curb. They loved it. The Girl fell asleep on the parking strip. lol
        Back to packing up the kitchen. It feels like we're moving. It's really weird.

      7. Have a great trip! St. Louis is really fun. Tons of stuff for kids.

        We got back from Charlotte last night visiting family. Fun, but I'm so glad to be home!

      8. Your kids are seriously cute. All that rain? No fireworks? Well, here it was like a hundred and bazillion degrees and we haven't had rain for months. Mother Nature sure could do a little bit better at being more fair with rain distribution!

        Cute rocker. And sounds like you have some great plans.


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