Monday, July 1, 2013

Ready to be admitted?

I think I've mentioned that I signed up for Deborah's Summer Dress E-Course.  I always wanted to visit Whipstitch when it was open in Atlanta and I've considered going on her retreats in the past.  BUT...I live at least 5-6 hours from Atlanta, so driving up alone just to do some shopping or sewing just hasn't quite worked...

But, I am loving this e-course.  We're learning to make 4 dresses and each lesson comes with a video from Deborah.  She talks us through the next step, gives tips and then assigns us homework to finish before the next lesson.

I am, of course, behind in the lessons, but have finished project number one.

I give you the Modern BabyDoll Dress.

I wasn't sure if this dress would work for me.  Deborah says its a silhouette that flatters all women, but I tend to have trouble with empire-waisted dresses.  They tend to make people want to ask me when I'm due.  I blame my big chest for making the rest of the dress float out and hide my svelte figure underneath...hahahahaha

As all women know, being mistaken for growing a baby is no fun.

But, it was the first dress so I gave it a go.  I laid out a few fabric options and asked Chris his opinion.  He rarely cares what I sew (not in a bad way, it's just not his thing) and rarely has an opinion on fabric although he always listens to me drone on and on about it.  He picked this green woven fabric I got on sale at Walmart one day.  I bought it as a muslin fabric that could also be a cute summer dress.  I had visions of a sleeveless smocked sundress in mind for it, but he said he liked it and I figured it was cheap, so if the dress did in fact make me look 6-months pregnant I wouldn't be out a fortune.

I have to tell you that Deborah designed a great pattern.  The kimono sleeves give the dress a great look and make it so easy to construct the bodice.  And that v-neck on the back...LOVE IT!  She gave great tips on construction as well.  All of the side seams are french seams, so the dress is so pretty inside as well.  :)

I did change it up in a few places.  I accidentally cut the pattern out wrong so I had to sew my front bodice together.  I was going to put a line of lace (vintage and a spot-on color match by the way) there but last night it didn't look like you could see the seam.  In the light of day you can, but oh well.  And as for the bias tape neckline finish--I used vintage tape there as well instead of making any and it was a bigger size.  So I decided I liked the look of it peeking out and left it just showing.

But when I got it finished, I wasn't sure if I liked it.  So I'm leaving it up to you...


Chris swears that it doesn't and looks nothing like it.  I can't tell.  I think it does, I think it doesn't, I'm not sure.

So, level with me.  I can take it.  There was always a chance of this dress not working out anyway.

Would you wear this dress outside of your home?  Or do I look like I need to be admitted to the psych ward if nowhere else?

Does anyone else hate having their picture taken and get tired of trying to smile sweetly??

 p.s.  It has literally been raining here for most of the last 12 hours, so please excuse my porch pictures, my crazy hair (there's just no sense in doing your hair when the humidity is above 100% with no end in sight), and the dark lighting to these pics.  I tried to touch them up without changing the color of the gown dress...whatever!


  1. This looks cute! I love the v-back - I'm thinking add a belt, it will break up the dress a bit plus cinch it in a bit more -- we'll done!! Bravo!

  2. I like the color and the back, but I don't think the front is super flattering (I'm small chested and I don't think it would flatter my figure either). I think you'd do better with something that has more going on in the front, maybe with a defined waist as well. I'm with you on not wanting to look pregnant and unfortunately empire waists make just about everyone look pregnant. I hope this comes across as I intended: kind and helpful. xoxo

  3. I was thinking that a belt of some sort might perk the dress up a bit and make it look not quite so plain. I don't think that it makes you look pg, at least not in these photos, but I totally understand (I have two schoolhouse tunics that have never been worn outside of my home!)

  4. I think maybe a scarf would help, or as others have suggested a belt.

  5. Love the back of it. It is not my colour, could yu make it in a jersey fabric?

  6. It does not look like a hospital gown! But, I would cut the neck line lower at the front. Im a similar shape to you (wonderful isnt it?) and have found whilst the urge is to cover everything up to chin height, i actually look better/smaller with more chest showing. Not so low its like a questionable film star, but say a few inches lower. the back is gorgeous and the empire line is good. Perhaps do break it up with a belt at this height.

  7. That last picture is my favorite!

  8. Love the back! Maybe if someone would return your brown belt you could use it! ;)


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