Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh I got Random...

Its been awhile since I did a Totally Random post on Thursdays and y'all know I've always got some randomness going on.  Here goes...

**I'm loving my clean and uncluttered work area.  Well, the WIP area is still crazy cluttered--but that's what I'm working on.

**I finished up this pretty block for a friend.  It's really similar to what I'm doing for Emma's new bed quilt that should be finished by the time she goes to college...hopefully...

**I also started this 3-Layered Star from Emily.  The section on the left I made today.  The section on the right I made last night after 5 margaritas.  Just kidding, just kidding.  I was tired though last night and sewed the pieces together wrong so then when I trimmed and realized my mistake I was out of luck when I sewed it back together correctly.  I just need to fix the white part though, so while a pain, it's not the end of the world.

**I really want to get out and pick the rest of our blackberries for some jam but it's thundered here ALL day.  Like all day.  We got a short shower around 11, but we're still getting thunder.  And see all of those pine trees?  I really don't want to be under those if the lightning gets close again...

**The kids have been at my Mom and Dad's since Tuesday.  They're coming home tomorrow.  They've been to Sea World and to see Monsters University.  These are the pics I get from them when they're gone...

**I've been really trying to run 3 days a week and am ALMOST to my goal of 56 miles in June.  As of today I've got 47 and I'm due for a long run tomorrow.  Yesterday was my speedwork run which I HATE with a passion, but I managed to run 1 mile in under 10 minutes which is flying for me.  I quickly slowed down after that.  My goal is to run a 5K in under 30 minutes.  It's a long-term goal.

**I haven't been checking my reader much.  I haven't decided if I'm going to use bloglovin or feedly yet and subscribed with both to my favorite blogs, but plan on using Google Reader till June 30 at 11:59.  Really, I'll be asleep at like 9:30, but you know what I mean.  So, if I haven't commented on your posts lately, it isn't personal, it's a lack of hours in my day.  And free internet--a lack of that too.

**I've got a hankering for some chewy chocolate chip cookies.  I've been putting off making them.  But last weekend I did make Snickerdoodle Bars after Toni made me want them and they were gone by Monday morning.  We had friends over for Mexican and I think cinnamon desserts go well with Mexican food.  You want to make these--the're delish!  I almost added chocolate chips to the batter and I think that would be an excellent choice, but just plain, they're still really good.

**Chris made some killer fajita steak and shrimp for supper that night.  And I made mexican pork roast that was pretty good too.

**I got all of my bee blocks done really early this month but because we're on summer break I never go to town and still haven't mailed them.  oops.  I'm going tomorrow for sure.  Or Chris will for me.

**Ok--I'm off to brave the thunder and pick some berries.  They're on their way out and i haven't made jam yet, so I better get to picking.

What are you up to on this random Thursday?  Let me know and then head over to Cindy's to see what everyone else is doing too.

Live A Colorful Life


  1. Just pinned the Snickerdoodle Bars. I might've pinned them when Toni made them too...I should just make them myself!

    Can you move to Alabama so we can run together? I have a hard time with less than 10 minute miles too. I can do it, but I just get in my comfort zone and chug along, you know?

    I know there's a lot of lovin' going around for Bloglovin, but I don't like it. I find Feedly less offensive.

  2. those wonky stars are absolutely fantstic!!! and that b&w star is going to be great, too.

  3. Love the stars. We've been making jam with our strawberries. Have to go to a work meeting tonight. Would like to be sewing bee blocks :)

  4. Holy heck, Kelli!! You are rocking it!! From gorgeous blocks to some ridiculously awesome running. I am so motivated by you right now! I am loving the look you're going for with Emma's quilt. BTW Emma was my great grandmother's name.... Love it. <3 <3

  5. PS be safe out there in that scary thunder!!

  6. Love the stars... ad the ramdom facts

  7. great random -and I really need to make those snickerdoodle bars!


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