Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP with a Clean Slate

I know there are people who are neat freaks.  There are people who clean up after (or during) each project and keep their sewing/creative area in order.  There are people who finish projects quickly and get them out of their sewing area before starting something new.  There are people who revel in an orderly environment.

I am usually not one of those people.  But even I reach my limits of having 3 baskets full of WIPs, a mountain of fabric to put away, more scraps than I know what to do with and a maze to walk through to get around in my sewing room.

First off, let me say I realize how blessed I am to have a small room to myself to sew, read blogs, escape to. But because it's mine I often worry about it last and because I've got so many projects going, I'm more likely to work on them instead of cleaning up.

So, while the kids are at my Mom and Dad's for a few days, I cleaned up.  I stopped all projects and sorted.  I cut scraps into workable sizes.  I rearranged a few things.  I put all of my yardage (fat quarter and larger) away.  I tossed 3 mini-trash cans full of things no longer needed.  I found old projects and inspiration pieces. And I made a pact with myself.

I will NOT start any new projects (other than bee blocks and emergency things that come up) until at least one of my 3 WIP baskets is empty.  I'm really working toward all 3, but you know how it goes...

So what am I working on?
**a quilt that's already sandwiched and just needs to be quilted and bound.
**a quilt top and backing that need to be put together and then quilted...I already know what I'm going to do and have the binding ready too.
**a dress that needs to have a kick-pleat added and sewn up.
** a pair of dress pants needing a button
**a dress I made for me that just literally needs a zipper and a hem.
**My Road to Fortune quilt needs to be put together--this is half with the others clipped nearby.
**My May DgS quilt blocks are almost all in from my rad friends and I'll need to put it together.
**Oren's star quilt is steading growing.  I've got fabrics and paper piecing for 2 blocks set out by my machine ready to sew.
**a few quilt block sets that need to be sewn into quilts from bees I've done in the past and just unfinished projects.
**an embroidery project I completed 3/4 of before getting tired of it and setting it aside.
**some baby clothing projects I've got going for some special people.

So, my sewing room isn't perfect just yet--there's still a lot of stacks of things to be finished.  But it is a work in progress and that's where I'm at.  And if you are a neat freak, please don't shudder at my piles.  C'mon over and help me sort them!  It'll be fun for both us.  ;)

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  1. Awesome!! Good for you :)
    The pictures show some great projects and I hope you can keep up this resolve! I'm working through mine and not doing too bad!

  2. The blue star sampler is fabulous. I vote you finish that soon.

  3. I was beginning to think I was the only person with a Viking machine until I spied the corner of the box and the machine! I named mine Olga and she kg as her own room too. Love the project on the window!

  4. Oh, I wish I was one of those highly organized sewists, but alas, I'm just not. And I'm only a teensy bit jealous you can send your kids to your parents-that would be awesome! I love seeing your That Stash bee blocks hanging up there-that is going to be such a great quilt and I'm so glad I got to help with that one!

  5. This is what I'm doing this week, too! Just finished drafting a blog entry about it tonight and then saw your post in my feed. I don't have even half as good an excuse for the clutter as you do, though, because I have way fewer projects in the works to justify my mess : P Enjoy your tidy space as you dive back into your WIPs!


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