Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Wet and Random Thursday

Hello from the heart of Tropical Storm Andrea.  Yep, we’re soaked sitting here under a wall of water that started yesterday afternoon and hasn’t let up.  If you’ve watched the weather channel at all in the last two days and you keep hearing them mention Cedar Key in the storm surge—that’s about 30 miles from my house, in my county, our closest “beach” and where Tropical Storm Debbie went through last year about this time. 

So far we are safe and just getting drowned with rain, but that rain is much needed so we won’t complain.  So far the tornado concerns are farther south, near my Mom and Dad and brother and farther south toward Palm Beach.

It’s funny for the rains to come through today because it’s the first day of summer vacation!  School let out yesterday at 11:45 and we took the kids to The Melting Pot last night to celebrate a great year.  The closest one is in Ocala which is a good hour from here, so both kids slept all the way home.  Dreaming of chocolate I imagine.  :)

I haven’t been sewing much (at all really) in the last week or so because I’ve been so busy with end-of-the-year stuff but I’m eagerly planning my summer sewing.  I’m making this block for Debbie in That Stash Bee which I’ve wanted to make for some time.  I’m making variegated postage stamp blocks for Heather in the Empower Circle of d.Gs.  I think this quilt will be awesome!  Our group is so creative, it’s a treat each month to see what we’re making next.

quilt inspiration by junienone
Heather's idea for our Empower circle blocks this month

I signed up for Deborah’s Summer Dresses E-Course.  I’ve never taken one of her e-courses though I’ve wanted to, and since I dreamed up that awesome summer wardrobe for myself, I splurged and took this class.  It started this week, so I’m excited to sit down and have some time to myself to get started.

In other crafty areas—I made Emma a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for her birthday last weekend and Ohmahgoodness—you MUST try this icing recipe.  It is a ganache but made with sour cream instead of cream and I seriously thought about just eating it all out of the bowl until my stomach hurt so bad I cried and then sucking it up and eating the rest and telling the girls they’d have to eat their cake dry…  It is rich and thick and delicious…not for the casual chocolate lover—well actually it might sway a casual chocolate lover.  One of the girls at the party said she didn’t like chocolate cake and she ate her whole piece!

And to make up for all that chocolatey goodness, I’ve been trying to keep up with all the great runners that participate in Marta’s running challenges on instagram.  This month she’s challenged us (and by us I mean anyone who wants to play along) to run 56 miles in June.  There’s no prize or anything other than an awesome feeling of accomplishment and probably a trimmer waistline.  J  You can walk, run, do the elliptical—she says miles are miles and it just matters that you do them.  So far I’ve got 8 in I think with a long run planned for tomorrow if I don’t get rained out…

Now I’m off to maybe get some sewing done before I cave under all this rain and snuggle up with a book for awhile.  I’m working on another block for Oren’s star quilt and pulling fabrics for those bee blocks.

What are you up to today and what does the weather look like outside your door?

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  1. A friend of mine is trying to fly from Birmingham to Antigua today with a layover in Miami. Not going so well.

    I'm excited about the 56 miles challenge too! I didn't know the elliptical counted. That's great! I might do that tonight--the old knees are hurting a bit.

  2. 56 miles in one month that sounds ambitious,but one I may do once I am done with the C25K;)

    The chocolate frosting sounds divine and the Melting Pot restaurant is one place I need to go to yet! My oh my I have chocolate on the brain!!

  3. Your chocolate frosting sounded so good I had to break open a Hershey's Special Dark to take the edge off! Good luck on your 56 miles, last summer my daughter (14 yrs at the time)ran over 400 miles in a couple of months for cross country!

  4. Stay safe! Must say we're having the nicest week so far this spring. We all get our turn, I guess...

  5. Gosh, I hope you guys didn't float away! That summer dress course sounds like a fun way to get your wardrobe sewing accomplished. I've been busy this week making clothes for Jill but I still really want to make something for myself. Maybe next week. That chocolate frosting sounds so good! Emma and her friends are lucky girls!


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