Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Random Thursday

I started writing a blog post earlier this week and realized it was full of randomness, so I saved it for today.  :)  Funny how that seems to be how my brain works sometimes a lot of the time.

--All of the fabric from my last post has been scooped up and I'm waiting on one more address before I mail them all out.  Y'all made quick work of that.  :)

--I'm ALMOST finished quilting my Wonky Pinwheels.  I had to stop for a few days to do some other projects and I'm itching to finish it up.  Both because I love it and it's WAYYYY overdue but also because it'll be one less project weighing on my shoulders.

--I pattern tested for Jenny again this week and made myself a new top.  I'll show it off tomorrow, but I love it!  And now I want to make like 5 new shirts.  I won't...but I want to.

This was an in-process shot--I toned down those poofy shoulders A LOT!!

--I ran yesterday for the first time in weeks.  Between the summer heat, the summer thunderstorms and school, I haven't been able to run outside.  It felt great.  You know that "Only runners understand how sweating and breathing hard and pushing through the wanting to stop" feels great.

--I ordered note cards from Very Jane last week and they arrived the other day.  I didn't get around to opening them till this morning since there was no big rush on notecards.  Guess what--they spelled my name wrong!  haha  So, I've contacted them to get new ones.  It's a shame, because they're really cute.  Believe it or not, this stuff happens to me all the time.  Once my great-grandparents got me an engraved ornament for Christmas--yep, my name was spelled wrong.  On our wedding invitations--my MIL's name was spelled wrong.  When I ordered new checks from the bank--they changed my name and spelled it wrong.  I'm used to it, but I figured it would look weird with me sending out cards knowing my name is spelled wrong...

--I realized yesterday that Saturday is the last day of the month and I haven't even thought about making my bee blocks for this month!  AHH!!  Luckily I only have one to make this month and it's so cute!  I'll show y'all soon.

--I've got company coming into town this weekend and a house that isn't ready for them, so I'm going to jump off here and go remember how to use my vacuum.  :)

I'll be back tomorrow with pics of the finished shirt and I'm hoping to be back Monday with pics of a finished quilt.

What are you up to today??
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  1. Spelling the name wrong is SO frustrating. We get our last name misspelled ALl the time!


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