Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Thrill is Gone

***ETA--All of the fabrics are spoken for and mailed.  Sorry!!***

Do you ever have fabric that you've fallen out of love with?  You look at it, take it out of the cabinet, want to use it, but...the Thrill is Gone?  You just don't like it anymore?

My friend Lucy is helping us all out by hosting something that I think is a great idea.  I'd actually considered doing it myself but she beat me to it and I'm glad she did.

She's hosting a Fugly Fabric Swap/Giveaway Party.


This week you can link up any fabrics you've fallen out of love with and trade/give/sell to someone else.  I think this is such a great way to spread fabric and blog love with each other and also not waste as well.  Just because I don't love a fabric anymore doesn't mean that it's not exactly what you've been looking for.

And there are some people who'll take fabric no matter how ugly for scrap projects, charity quilts, really bad taste, what have you.  ;)

So, I've got a few offerings this week.  And I'm just flat offering.  Meaning--you let me know you want it and it's all yours.  I'll ship anywhere, but international readers--what say we split the costs??  Because really--fabric love knows no boundaries, right??

So, here's what I got.  Mostly fabrics my kids have outgrown or I've used and don't plan to use again, but some are fairly big cuts I just haven't got around to using.  Some are designer fabric, some aren't, but all have worked just fine for what I've used them for.  I'm giving rough estimates of size here for time's sake, but if you want details, let me know and I can actually measure for you and let you know.

1.  Rainbow fabric.  I've got 2 cuts of this.  The straight-grain piece is roughly 44" by WOF (width of fabric).  The bias cut piece is actually about a yard long, but with a bias-cut edge already in it--perfect for bindings on quilts or little girl's dresses.  I cut bias strips for seam bindings years ago on a dress for Emma.  It was precious!

2.  Cowboy print.  This is an old Alexander Henry print I've had for years.  It's a half-yard by WOF cut, but with some missing.  I cut two stockings out of it. :)  So, there's a good-sized 18" square of fabric and then some area to be used for scraps and then another big chunk.  How's that for accurate?

3.  Buffalo Check.  This one is roughly 3 feet by WOF.  I have had this forever and backed a few quilts with it.  Not sure where it's from, but it's thick and holds up well.  It's a burgandy/maroon red with a creamy/tan base color.

4.  Green prints.  2 fabrics here.  The green swirls are from JoAnn and it's roughly a 2-foot square.  A little bigger on both sides, but roughly.  The small check is a 9-inch by WOF cut.  These come together as they're such a small amount of both.

5.  Fall print.  I actually got this one at Walmart I believe, but it's sturdy, thick and held up great--almost like a really lightweight denim.  I made Em a dress out of this a few years back and she wore it a ton.  This one is like 44" by WOF but with some chunks missing.  There is probably a 12" by WOF section anyway and then some of the middle is missing in the rest.

6.  Fairy Princess.  This is a JoAnn special.  I've made a ton of stuff with it and little girls love it.  The skirt of each princess has a silvery glitter on it.  This one is about 36" by WOF with some missing.

7.  Beach Balls.  I bought this Moda fabric for a specific purpose and then never used it.  It's from the Malibu Monkeys line by Erin Michael.  This one is roughly 60" by WOF.

8.  Flannel Ballerinas.  Another JoAnn novelty.  This one is flannel.  It's roughly 20" by 42".  The other selvage is cut off, it's basically WOF.  I made Emma a nightgown out of this when she was in kindergarten that she still wears so it's held up just fine.  I've also backed baby quilts in with no complaint from the recipients.

9.  Mary Englebreit Panel.  I won this in a giveaway and just haven't used it yet.  I hate to see it wasted, so I'd love to share it.  It's just this panel, but you could certainly cut this apart to create multiple projects with it.  It's Moda from the Recipes for Friendship line.

10.  Rocket fabric.  This one's from JoAnn too.  I had planned to use it in Oren's Star Wars quilt, but waited too long and now he's "too old" for it.  It's a yard by WOF.  Feels high-quality.

And that's it for now!  As I said before--if you want it, it's yours.  First-come, first-served.  And you can have as much or as little as you want.  Leave me a comment with what you'd like and I'll email you for your address.  Make sure, of course, that if you're a no-reply blogger to leave your email in your comment because if I can't get ahold of you, I can't send it to you.  If you're international and you don't mind splitting shipping with me, feel free to ask for what you want as well.

Head over to Lucy's to see other available fabrics or link up yourself.  It's only this week, though so hurry!!


  1. I'd love the rainbow, and beach balls. Thank for this giveaway...too fun!

  2. How fun is this?! I do this with my girlfriends once in awhile and it's a blast. If no one else wants it, I'd love to have the rocket fabric.

    Thanks for an awesome idea!

  3. I would love to have #4-The green prints, #5-The Fall print, and if no one else asks for it, i would love to have #9-The Mary Englebreit panel. Thank you sooo much.

  4. If there is any rainbow left I would love some, but I may be too late :-)

  5. Making an I spy quilt for my munchkins.. if no one else would like to have the cow boys.. I'd love to have a piece to include in my collection for the I spy.

  6. I would love the fairy princesses and the ballerinas to make some little treat bags and boo boo bags for my nieces. They would be tickled pink with those fabrics! I would be thrilled with some scraps from the beach balls and rockets ships if any are still available. They would look great in the scrappy quilt I'm making my nephew. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  7. I'd love to get my hands on some of those beach balls, but I know a few other ladies have already laid claim... :) Thanks for such a generous giveaway! xoxo

  8. I need the cowboy print!! what a great idea and i cant wait to get home and post some fuglys myself.

  9. I'd love to have the Mary Englebreit Panel. I love to cut up panels and make mini quilts from them. This looks like it would work in my kitchen.

  10. If nobody claimed the buffalo check I'd LOVE to have that too.

  11. No idea how you're deciding who to sent what to, but please pop my name in any hats for the rainbow, the rocket or the green swirls. Love them all!

  12. You're a genius. I need to start emptying out our attic on the blog. :)

  13. 3, 4, 5 and 10 all look great to me. If you don't have a home for them alreay I'll happily give them a great home. I'm in Switzerland and happy to pay all the postage costage.

  14. YEAH! Well done on the destash Kelli! Thanks for joining in :)


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