Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Random New Year

Starting off this year with some randomness seems appropriate around here.  :)

I finished up my last bee blocks for December on the 30th.  Squeaking in there...  Heather asked for Sawtooth Blocks in Saturated Colors.  I think this is going to be one bright and cheerful quilt.
Night pictures just don't do justice but these are already packed up to mail.  Sorry!
It started raining here yesterday afternoon and it's rained steady since.  I guess we're washing away the last threads of 2013.  But it makes for some dreary vacation.

The kids have played the XBox Kinect this afternoon since they can't go outside.  Oren just came in here all sweaty, so I guess they really are up and moving.  He asked for the Disney Infinity game console for Christmas but got a Kinect game called Pixar Rush or something like that.  So far they love it...

I dunked my phone yesterday afternoon so it's taking a long rice nap in hopes it'll come back to life.  If you think you're not addicted to your phone, have it taken away and see how often you actually reach for it.

This is the 3rd time (3 different phones) this has happened to me.  Obviously I need a waterproof case for my phone and any other valuables I may be carrying...

I finished up our Empower circle's May quilt top yesterday.  I asked the girls for improv square and rectangle blocks in this color scheme.

But since it's so out of my norm it took me awhile to decide on a layout.  I decided since I was going for it with the colors I'd go for it with the design too and randomly throw them down and go.  I like it.

Please excuse the inside, fighting rain and flash photography...  :)

I just pieced the back from fabrics I had handy.  I really just want to make a quilt top like this because I always end up liking it when I do this.  Sometimes more than the front actually...

This is so much better in real life.  I promise to get better photos.  That upper left rectangle is actually a light mottled gray not white.  And those blue flowers are on a blue background...uggh flash photography...

I ordered some purple variegated thread last night to quilt this one.  I think I'm just going to do a loopy meander to practice my free-motion quilting.

I cleaned half of my room this morning.  Of course it was the half where I store my magazines, books, sewing projects, stuff we need to keep but doesn't have a home, etc.  Chris came home and said WOW!  I actually thought the same thing myself when I got done.  I really do hate clutter, I just don't realize it till I'm overloaded with it.  ;)

I wanted to start this year off right with running to prep for my upcoming half-marathon but the rain's had other plans.  Instead I just ate a couple of leftover lemon bars we made on Tuesday.  

And now I'm off to fold some laundry, pull fabrics for some awesome bee blocks for this month and possibly get taken out for dinner.  Yes please!!

What are y'all up to on this random Thursday?


  1. Great improv blocks, have fun quilting it! My house is completely full of clutter though I might wait until spring to sort it out ;)

  2. I love the improv blocks! Sometimes you just have to go for it when you're putting stuff together and invariably it comes out great! I helped make a pieced back for a charity quilt that my friend and made… it was more fun than I thought it would be. I usually feel held back by the fact that I don't have a design wall.

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  4. LOVE our purple do.Good quilt top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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