Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheer for my cheerleader

While I’m feeling my way into the blogging world, I thought I’d start out with some posts about favorite things I’ve made recently.  It’s never too hard to talk about things you’re proud of, right? of the things I’ve made most recently were hairbows for my little girl and her best friend.  They are cheering this fall for the local youth football team and I wanted to give them something special to wear besides the super cute uniform, of course!  Of course, when I went to make these, my sewing machine went crazy and had to take a trip to the repair shop, but I managed to get the embroidery part done (badly, but done) before that, so while my Futura was being fixed, I was busy twisting ribbons! 

    The megaphone was made on my embroidery machine and can be used with a clip as a barrette or attached to a ponytail holder.  I chose to take matters into my own hands and add it to some ribbons and then attach all of that to a clip that can be worn above a ponytail.  I first asked Emma what she thought about it, though, because these things are important in the world of 6-year-olds, you know. We decided that Mama's idea was really the best one and I proceded with my plan.
     I bought the pattern from and it’s from Pickle Pie Designs.  If you have an embroidery machine and haven’t visited SWAK yet, you should.  They have some really cute designs over there and they’re reasonably priced as well. 
   Both girls seemed to really like their bows and, although neither megaphone is perfect since my machine was a little (and by a little I really mean a lot—like the bobbin case jumping out of it’s home) jumpy, I don’t think they noticed!  ;)
  Here’s a shot of my girl in action…oh, did I mention that she’d been sick for 3 days before the game and we weren’t sure she’d make it at all, much less through the whole game.  She’s looking pretty proud of herself to be as sick as she was!  I love that girl!

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