Monday, October 18, 2010

Swap Out

Near the beginning of this month, Sew Mama Sew said they'd host a bag swap.  They'd pair you with someone with similar tastes in bag size and style and you'd make a bag for your partner while she made one for you.  I thought about it for about 10 minutes and decided I was in.  I've been looking to get into some swaps after seeing all the fun people are having on their blogs and on flickr.  I was paired with a really sweet girl named Trudy and we talked through email a few times to get an idea of what we were looking for in a bag.  We had very similar tastes, so I have to give the girls at SMS credit there, but both of us were very open to being surprised too.  Our only requests--make it BIG enough to carry all of our kiddos stuff and make it colorful.

Well, after some fierce internal debate, I chose to use the Weekender Tote from Sew Spoiled (I bought my pattern at but decided to scale it down just a bit.  I wanted to give her plenty of room, but I didn't want her to feel she was carrying luggage around the grocery store either, you know.  So, in my infinite wisdom and math skills, I decided to just take 1 3/4 inches off one side and the top of each pattern piece.  Don't ask just seemed like a good amount to whack off!  Then it was fabric choice time.  I had this absolutely lovely Alexander Henry fabric that I'd bought on a whim to whip into a skirt for myself that just felt like it fit--bright colors, large florals, lovely for fall, and I chose to use it, pulling the coordinating red, yellow and aqua for the other colors.

Construction went well, although a few times I was a little confused on the directions and just winged it.  I chose not to add interfacing to the lining, I was afraid it would be too stiff.  I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not, let's hope it's okay with Trudy!  The inside has a large pocket to cover most on one side and I sewed down the middle to split it into 2 pockets.  I like knowing exactly where my phone and keys are when I reach into my purse and by splitting the pockets, it makes it a little easier, I hope.  I was a little unhappy that the top wasn't wider and easier to get into, but that may just be me....or my math skills!

I also added a small zipper bag with some of the scraps.  I threw some lip gloss and gum in there just because.  Trudy and I agreed that one thing we always have with us is lip gloss.  And, I try to always have gum or mints handy.  You or someone you are in close contact with may need them one day!  Then I couldn't help myself and made a little flower with some aqua/light blue fabrics and pinned it to the front center.  Trudy, feel free to take it off if you don't like it!  I thought it added something, my husband did not...

So, the bag is not perfect, but then, neither is the maker...I'm sending it off to Trudy today with a few other goodies tucked in just for fun.  Hope it gets there quickly.  I have to admit the thought crossed my mind to keep this one and start over on a different one.  I mean, it fit so well under my arm and everything.  But, then I remembered that she's making something for me, and how many bags does one girl need, right?  (don't ask how many I already have, please!!)

If all swaps are like this, then I will definitely be signing up for more.  It was a lot of fun and something different.  It was a fun challenge to make something for someone else without really knowing them.  Trudy, I really hope you like it and get much use from it!

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  1. i came across your blog via a comment you left on another blog and have to tell you i love this purse!!! i love purses! i drive my husband crazy with all my purses!! i am learning to sew and i bet this would be such a fun way to make more purses to match outfits!!! love the fabric you used!!!!


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