Sunday, November 14, 2010

One cute little Queen

   Like I said last post, my Emma was the Little Queen for Homecoming this year at the High School.  Chris is both an alumni and current teacher at the school, so Emma and the assistant principal’s son were the little royalty for the game.  This meant wearing a fancy dress, getting all dolled up and walking across the football field holding flowers for the Homecoming princess.  The little king wears a little tux and holds a pillow with the 2 crowns on them.  Their other responsibility was to ride in the Homecoming parade on Friday afternoon….okay, here’s where my crafty side kicked in!  I did think of making her dress for Friday night, but decided to throw that crazy notion out the window before I got bogged down in the stress of it.  But, I did make the signs for the parade with my new Silhouette!

Should have gotten a closeup on the signs, huh?  Click to blow up the picture for a closer look.

  Like I said, I got it for my birthday last week so it’s brand new and I’m completely learning as I go.  But I managed to easily cut out the letters for the 2 posters (and letters for my friend’s little girl who was also in the parade).  But after we got the letters cut and run through my Xyron sticker maker, the posters looked a little bare (and, yes, if I had them to do over again, I totally would have backed each letter with another color to help them stand out more.  Live and learn.) So, I used some of my $10 free credit to the Silhouette store to purchase a little crown and a football design.  I thought these filled in the space well and I flipped the placement of the designs on each poster so the crown was over king on one poster and queen on the other.  I had a little trouble cutting out the crown on one, I lined it up wrong and it cut off the top of one of the bauble-things on top, so I just covered them all with blue to tie in the color scheme and cover that right up.  And I think it looks even better!  Don’t you love happy accidents…

These 2 were loving posing for us!

  The day went so well and Emma had a great time as Homecoming Royalty!  I am overwhelmed looking at the pictures both because I can’t believe my little one looks so beautiful and because I know that before I am ready, she’ll be preparing for Homecoming again, only this time as a high schooler, and not as a 6-year-old.  I am so blessed to be her Momma and I was so proud to see her out on that field.  So, for both my sake and for all the family that read this…here’s a few gratuitous pictures of my precious girl.
Look how little they look!

Blogger will NOT let me turn this one correctly for some's so precious though that I had to include it!

One day I will get Oren to look at the camera and smile normally!!

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