Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm alive!

Hey all,
  I promise I am still alive despite the lack of posts.  I've been going through a creative drought...not that I don't have a ton of things I want to make, I'm just lacking the drive to do them.  And I've learned that it's best to leave the creating till my drive comes back.  So I took a break from blogging, but not just my blog, reading blogs too.  I'm sure my Google Reader is so full I'll never get through them all and just start deleting, but sometimes living in the moment and letting creativity come back to me is what I need.  And then when blogger went down last week I used that as an excuse not to blog...didn't want to lose any important posts about nothing, right?
  But a lack of creative mojo hasn't slowed down life any...3 tee ball games, a field day, sewing lesson, a croupy-cough kid, one very important AP test Chris and his kids have been studying for, and Mothers Day to name a few things on my plate in the last week.
  I promise, I'll be back soon.  I've got a few things to finish up and then show off including a quilt top, clothing, birthday party to plan, and maybe a new quilt in the design stages...  Until then, I'll leave you with this:

   This boy right here is leading our team in outs (I mean getting them, not making them), but he always has a smile on his face and makes all of the parents laugh with his antics.  I think I'll keep him.  This may be the only picture from the whole season where he looks serious.  He got on base yesterday, and when he got there he put his arms up and yelled "Oh, yeah!  Oh, yeah!"  He's an all-star in his own mind and that's not such a bad thing!



  1. Too funny! Our little 3 year old boy plays t-ball now and when he hits it he just smiles and watches it and forgets to run. Good thing there aren't any "outs" in his age group :)

  2. I totally get the 'creative drought'. Sometimes it's so hard to get it back! I think a break is always good.


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