Thursday, May 5, 2011

She sees...

**ETA:  I'm online until my phone line dies again, so I'm trying to edit the photos and make this look a little don't realize how much you depend on your phone and internet connection until you don't have them available.  Thank the Good Lord above for my smart phone or I'd be having withdrawls and be no fun to be around!! ;)  **

Hey, y'all.  I am having phone line issues (like no home phone service since Sunday) so blogging is out the window since my pics are all in my computer.  This is from my phone so it may be the only post you get from me till the problem is please excuse all of the formatting issues and pictures at the end instead of throughout the text.
Today's post is a personal one.  No crafty projects involved, but important nonetheless.  Its a letter to my daughter.  I wrote it to scrapbook, but I thought I'd share it here too since many of my readers know & care about Emma too...
Emma, you got your new glasses yesterday.  We’ve been waiting for about 3 weeks for them.  You’ve been hoping they’d take longer to come in because you’re anxious about what it will be like to wear them and how people will treat you regarding them.  We’ve been impatient because we know your quality of life will improve when you can see all that you’re looking at.  It’s easier to reach your goals, physically and metaphorically, when you can clearly see all that is in front of you.
You were taking a much needed nap yesterday afternoon when Daddy brought home the glasses.  We were headed to eat supper with Aunt Carrie so he woke you up and we put them on you.  I had tears of joy and took about 12 pictures.  Daddy was beaming with pride looking at your beautiful self.  You were grouchy and self conscious.  I posted this picture on facebook and immediately our friends and family started responding with comments on how beautiful you looked and are. 
The comments helped and time will too.  I walked you to class this morning and I was so proud of you.  You seemed much more confident today.  When we put them on this morning, you seemed to just straighten your shoulders, accept your new responsibility and move on.  I love that about you.  You seem so frail and fragile at times, but underneath, there is a core of steel inside of you determined to win in whatever you take on.  I saw you walk straight backed past all of your friends to the end of the line outside Mrs. P’s door.  Almost daring someone to say something to you in your kind & quiet way.
I keep looking at this picture and the one Aunt Carrie took of you smiling last night.  I keep thinking about you and wondering how your day is going.  Day one, in a journey that will last the rest of your life.  I smile a bittersweet smile each time I look at your beautiful face adorned with those cute glasses.  It is bittersweet because I am so proud of you and love you so much.  But to see you accepting what life gives you and moving forward means you are growing, and while that makes me proud, it also makes me a little sad that my sweet baby girl is no longer a baby.  My strong little girl is becoming a strong big girl and I fear that before I turn around twice, you will be a strong teenager and then adult.
Always remember to smile, baby girl.  Always remember that while every situation has both bad and good, it is so important to see the good.  And now that you can see clearly, I pray that you always see the good, just as we always see it in you.

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  1. Tear, tear, tear---love the mama and love the girl. Both are beautiful, inside and out!


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