Sunday, December 18, 2011

Knitting away the time

Is it just me, or does busy in your life often involve a lot of hurry up and wait.  You know what I mean, right?  Like hurry to get to an appointment only to wait 15 minutes for the doctor or dentist.  Or hurry to get a child to dance/practice only to have an hour to wait on them to finish.  Even in the Santa Shop at school in December, we'd be slam full with kids and then have 10 very quiet minutes before the next group showed up.

Well, I know I'm becoming an adult (haha), because I'm having a harder and harder time sitting down with nothing to do.  My Great-Grandma never sat still.  She always had some needlework or a crochet hook in hand, and I'm beginning to get there. Although I will admit that a good book or google reader is plenty to keep my hands full... :)

Anyway, tangent aside, I've spent some of this waiting time knitting.

I finished off my second mitten.  Don't they look nice?  Flatter me and agree here...they were more a lesson than an actual accessory that will get much use.  I mean, honestly, I should have made gloves or at least convertible mittens.  How am I supposed to check my email and smile about new comments here with a mitten on my hand???  ;)

After previewing this post I realized I put the mittens backward to how they fit on your hands.  Oh well, just pretend they're palm-up.  ;)

But I had still had some yarn in this colorway, so I just decided to knit up a scarf.  But not just any scarf, a scarf with a lacy pattern.  I've never done anything other than knitting and purling, so I wanted to try something new.

I have a ravelry account, found here.  I'm new to it and I don't have any finished projects on there yet.  I found this scarf on there offered as a free download and I loved it!  It's easy to follow and I love the look.  I mean, One-row lace.  I can handle that.  So I cast on...

This is a close-up so you can see the lacy areas.  It is very pretty in person and I am incredibly surprised at the ease  this scarf is coming together!!

As usual for me, there was some ripping out and starting over with this scarf as I lose focus often and start my own design.  :)  But, I am loving it so far.  And, it's destined to end up on the neck of a very good friend of mine sometime soon.  And that makes me keep working on it each night and during those hurry up and wait moments.

Just wanted to share...  :)


  1. Love the scarf and the mittens - perfect projects for hurry up and wait moments!

  2. Lovely!! Great colours, reminds me of mint choc chip ice cream :)
    I'm totally with you on the can't sit still thing, I think crafting does that to you!


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