Friday, December 30, 2011

One Christmas Gift Given

As I said yesterday, we left a day early on our Christmas trip last week.  We had planned for weeks to leave on Thursday of last week, but the weather channel said Thursday was going to bring us rain ALL day.  And driving 16 hours in rain isn't really pleasant.  But, in the end, it wasn't the rain that changed Chris' mind, it was the little blonde that lives at our house.  She told Daddy how bad she wanted to see GiGi and Granddad (my grandparents, her Great-Grandparents) and he melted.  So with about 4 hours notice on Wednesday, I had to finish packing, cleaning house, finish my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway prize and get out the door...  I only forgot to pack a few things and nothing major.  I was pretty proud of myself!  ;)

So, here's a really bad phone picture of my giveaway prize.  My camera had already been packed and I couldn't find it among the suitcases, presents in a black garbage bag, blankets, etc...

When I contacted Lee about winning and her color choices, she said that the colors of fall were her favorite.  And I do love them too!  So it was very fun to pair some Kona Khaki with brown, orange and yellow scraps to whip up a rice warmer bag and cooling bag.

I added a twist on the freezer bag by putting in a zipper.  That way she can remove the outer bag and wash it if needed.  I picked out a bright yellow zipper at Walmart.  Now, with my deadline approaching that zipper is not perfectly installed since I just went for it with no instruction or remembering how to make a zipper pouch, but hopefully Lee won't mind. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I was very happy with how they came out. I threw placed them gently into a box with some chocolates and a Bath and Body Works set I'd picked up and winged it off to her on our way out of town.  Lee, I hope you've received it by now...if not, let me know.  ;) 

This project was a lot of fun.  It's freeing and enjoyable to have someone give you colors and you just go from there.  That's one thing I want to do more of in 2012..grab fabrics and go...the projects don't have to be full-size quilts.  I don't have to have a purpose in getting there, I just want to enjoy the process more.  Hmm...I'm going to think about this over the next day or so when making my goals for 2012.  What are your goals?


  1. Hi Kelli - I did receive it the package yesterday! thank you so very much! I love the zippered bag - very nice and adore the colors and all the "extras" - you are so very nice and thank you again! Your grab and go method has me motivated to do some of this myself! happy holidays!!

  2. The zippered outer bag is such a good idea! Love the colors you picked!

    I've switched over to monthly goals, because they are somehow more attainable in my world! Would love for you to drop by and join up at this week!


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