Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hey everyone!  I have survived the sewing room cleanup and am energized and ready to get busy.  That's my habit.  I clean everything, touching all of my fabrics and getting so much inspiration that I want, no MUST sew with everything I have...but then as I get busy with projects I start leaving stuff out until I'm just piling fabrics and supplies on top of each other to the point of disaster.  Then I become unmotivated and blah about sewing at all.  So, I reverse the feelings by cleaning and touching all of my many fabrics again, vowing to keep it clean this time!

So we will see.  I've told Chris I'm going to keep it clean for 2 weeks easy this time and then he challenged me to a month of putting everything away as I use it.  Hmmm....  ;)

So, now that I've got a clean workspace and lots of ideas, what's first?  Some WIPs, of course!  Gotta get these done and outta here so I can get busy on some new goodies!

So today I'll be sewing black binding strips to my Hearts quilt for do. Good Stitches so I can mail this baby off (a few months late!).

Then I'll be working on Carrie's secret Christmas gift (yes, from last year...).

And tomorrow I plan on digging into a dress I found in my stash that has a completed bodice AND skirt!  All that's left to do is add attach the two and put in a back zipper.  And probably hem the skirt, but even still...was I out of zippers and put it away and forgot about it or what???  Maybe I can give myself an all-new summer wardrobe just out of my WIP basket and fabric stash.  Wouldn't that be fun?

Make sure to head over to Lee's to see all of the great ladies (and gents) who link up to WIP Wednesday.  I say it every week, but there is some AMAZING talent out there in blogland.  I'm glad to just hold up my little corner!


  1. So many wonderful WIP goodies! You'll feel awesome when you finish them! :)

  2. Glad to hear the room is nice and clean once again! Good luck on keeping it that way for the month. Hope to see you get those WIPs finished =D

  3. That dress looks really cute, Kelli! You sound just like me about a clean room inspiring you to sew. I cleaned and organized mine last week and have made 6 pairs of shorts and one and a half quilt tops since then. I wish I could say it was still clean, but I'd be lying to you. I have confidence you'll be able to keep yours cleaner for a lot longer, though!

  4. good for you for getting things back in order! good luck in moving forward!

  5. All 3 projects look fabulous - good for you for organizing and getting back in the game. :)

  6. Hello Kelli.....nice to meet you. Thank you for comment on the post;I do like that commissioned quilt too.

    I just had a look at your pieces...very nice; both of them

  7. Awesome find on the dress - love things like that!! I usually find things that are 1.) way too small for me to wear now, or 2.) way out of fashion! So good for your awesome find! ALSO, wanted to say that your heart dGS quilt looks fabulous! Love the color for sashing that you used and I think that tilting the blocks like you did was genius!!


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