Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I made something!

Aahhh, I'm over here basking in the glow of remembering what it feels like to make something start-to-finish in one sitting.  My sewing room is almost done and I took some time out yesterday to whip up a cute summer dress.  My friend Jenny had a new pattern to try out and she asked me if I wouldn't mind.  Ummm...I wouldn't mind!  ;)

Bardot Dress via Seamingly Smitten

This is Jenny's Bardot Pattern.  It's a simple strapless sundress with an elastic Empire waist, cute ruffle detail along the top, and pockets!  I LOVE pockets in my dresses.  And they really are easy to add.  You can add them to just about anything with side seams, but I love that Jenny went ahead and included them in the pattern.

I decided to really get out of my comfort zone here and work with a medium-weight jersey knit.  I figured "Why not live a little and really try something new!"  I've NEVER made a knit dress before.  Sure, in 4-H I worked with knit samples to learn how they stretch and sew.  And I did make a knit skirt last summer, but this was a little more involved.

But, honestly, other than being a little more careful cutting it out and actually using pins instead of just going for it, this sew-up was a breeze.

I love Jenny's patterns for their simplicity--both in style and in directions.  She makes it easy, even for a beginning sewer, to make something cute and stylish.  If you have even thought about making something for yourself or your daughter this summer, I would recommend Jenny's patterns as a starting point.  My summer wardrobe is full of Jenny's dresses.  :)

Thank you, Jenny, for trusting me to try out your new patterns.  I'm ALWAYS happy with the results!

I'm going to add this dress to a few parties going on.  Make sure to click over and look at ALL of the amazing things people are doing this week.  Inspiration galore!

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  1. How cute! I love the fabric. I'll have to check out Jenny's patterns.

  2. Very cute, Kelli! I love that fabric you used. And you know I have to ask...did you bust out the serger? I'll have to go take a look at her patterns!

  3. It looks so great!!! The jersey looks so nice with that ruffle!

  4. Darling on you! Good for you.

  5. That is so gorgeous!! Great fabric choice :)

  6. Great dresses there! With pockets too even better =D

  7. Kelli, I LOVE your dress and way to go for trying a knit!! It looks awesome on you and you should definitely bask in the glow of accomplishment when you wear that! You look great! Thanks for pattern testing!!

  8. Very cute! Thanks for linking up at Grits & Giggles!


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