Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday...slow progress still counts, right?

Hi all!  I'm taking a quick moment away from sewing to actually post!  I've had progress in the last few days, but it has been slow.  I knew I had a ton of swap and bee blocks to get out the door this week, but I put them off till the last minute, and you know how that goes...

Well, the zigzag blocks and I got into a fight over accuracy and size, so into the garbage they went, yep 4 of them!  I didn't have time to redo them (or the patience really), so I looked through my Modern Blocks book and decided on the Binary design (pg. 22).  So...I cut out fabric for 10 blocks since I was in two hives this month and got to work...

They're not my best blocks ever if I'm being  honest.  Usually I work just fine up against a deadline, but not so much this time.  I think it was the cutting.  I don't think I cut things just as precise as needed since I hate that step the worst and I had so much to cut.  Oh well.  Hopefully the girls like them and don't hate me forever for being off a quarter of an inch.

**Also, sorry about the photo makes them look even worse!  I swear, they're not this bad.  I'm in a rush to get to Oren's teeball practice and don't have time to fix them.**

Next up was my Modern Blocks Bee.  Kaysi sent us a bunch of blue strips and told us to just combine them in any form to make a block.  She's making a modern strip quilt for her bed.  I cut the strips into smaller pieces and just went for it with no hesitation or over thinking.  Needless to say, I had a little squaring to do when all was said and done because my rectangle block looked more like the beginning of a semi-circle, but I think it worked out okay.

Then, I finally got around to making our do. Good Stitches blocks this month for the empower group.  Shannon requested colorful string blocks, so that's what she got.  Here are my two.

I LOVE string blocks and don't know why I don't just make them for bees.  They're simple, striking, and quick to do.  Once you unpick the fabric you sewed to the middle wrong EVERY TIME...Oh is that just me??

So, anyway, I've got much more progress to make in this sewing room, but before I tackle anything else, I'm going to do a full overhaul of my space.  It is a mess!  And that's saying something because I tend to live in a state of mess without noticing.  My husband is dying laughing and nodding his head right now if he reads this.... ;)  Anyway, it's past the point and I know it will make me and Chris happier to have it organized and not looking like a fabric monster got sick and threw up all over the place!

And after that visual, I'll leave it with you.  Make sure to head over to Lee's page to see what actual progress looks like in a week from both Lee and all of the other awesome ladies (and gents) that link up.

If you don't hear from me soon, don't worry.  I'm sure if I don't show up at supper one night, Chris will come find me buried under a pile of fabric stash...  ;)  But for now, I'm off to teeball it up with Oren.  I love these very busy days at the ball fields.  What memories they're making!


  1. Your string blocks are perfection!!! I'm already dying to have them in my hot little hands!

  2. Love the blocks and hope you've not disappeared!

  3. Wow that's a lot of blocks to make all at once! They look great though...and in the bin gasp!!! =D

  4. Whoa, that's a lot of bee blocks - there's nothing "slow" about all that progress! Even if you ended up going with Plan B, the binary blocks still look great!

  5. That IS alot of bee blocks - congrats on whipping those babies out!


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