Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Look at me actually getting a post written on a Wednesday!  Life is crazy around here between school, ball, church and life in general, so I took the day off from volunteering and I freed up a couple of hours.  Those hours could have been spent cleaning house, but that's not as fun is it?  :)

It's been awhile since I posted a WIP Wednesday post, so I'll just go with what I'm actually working on and leave all of those untouched progress alone for today.  Let's keep it cheery, shall we?

So, in my sewing room this week you will find:

--do. Good Stitches December Quilt--As I've mentioned, I'm making progress on this baby.  I got it quilted yesterday, so now I just need to cut binding strips and get this one done!

Emma held this one up for me and then Blogger turned it sideways, so let's pretend its right and move on, 'kay?

--NuBees Block Swap--I'm in 2 hives this month for this cool group and I ended up caregiver in both!  haha!  'Cause I've been so on the ball with my own sewing lately, right?  Anyway, progress pics had to be shown yesterday for one of the hives and I've got one block done.  I'm going with a zigzag design for both hives to save my sanity.  I know the new cool term for these is chevron, but I've been in love with zigzag quilts for years, so I'm just going to keep calling them that, okay?  I was chevron when chevron wasn't cool!  I do have all of my fabrics picked out and ready to cut.  I just need to find time to make 9 more of these bad boys in the next couple of weeks.  I'm thinking 1 or 2 a day...

And as for actual progress being made, that's it right now.  But I do have my sister's present out and ready to get started on when my bee blocks are all done for the month.  After my NuBees blocks, I've also got my modern swap block and 2 do. good stitches blocks to make, but they are such fun and easy blocks I'm saving them for a rainy day.  :)

As always, head over to see what our gracious host, Lee, is up to this Wednesday and to check in with all of the other lovely ladies (and gents) who link up to WIP Wednesday each week.


  1. I keep waiting for someone in my bee to choose a block like that but so far no one has. I might just have to make a couple for myself!

  2. Ah blogger! How it distorts pictures so horribly. Love the quilt and the block =D

  3. EEEEKK!! The heart quilt looks great!!! I love that zig zag too!

  4. Your schedule sounds action packed - I'm glad you found time for yourself!

  5. Even looks great sideways ;) I adore the zigags, beautiful!

  6. yay for a quilted quilt! awesome.

  7. Ha! I love it...I am a zig-zag kinda girl myself ;)!

    The heart quilt looks so amazing!!! You definitely did "good stitches"!

  8. Your heart quilt looks fabulous, even when it is sideways! And I agree about the zigzags, too. When did they become chevrons? Either way I think yours are great. Have a great weekend!


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