Friday, February 15, 2013

Finished Up

After leaving you with my zipper fail on Tuesday I couldn’t work on my triple-zipper pouch again until today.  Sometimes life doesn’t work with the crafty plans in your head, right?

So about lunch time today I sat down with my new zippers, new zipper tabs, the instructions and began again.

And now I have a pouch to show you!

 It’s not perfect.  I’m rushed today because we’re headed to Gainesville (again) this afternoon so I had an hour and a half window to make this pouch and be ready to go.  I chose done over perfect.  Be a friend and please pretend like you don't notice the uneven stitching lines in places...

BUT…after being more careful with the zippers, this little pouch went together well.

I followed the alternate ending instructions found on Marci’sblog which made a little more sense to me since I am also very visual and I sewed a little too far making my  top corners rounded instead of flat.

But that is easily fixable later if I choose to fix it.  I might just fix it on the next one…  ;)

So, here’s my quick finish today!  We’re going to watch the UF softball team this afternoon.  The kids and I are running a mile in the morning to complete their “marathon.”  They’ve run laps in the mornings before school this year to do the first 25 miles of a marathon and then tomorrow will run the final 1.2 to finish it before the grownups run theirs Sunday for the 5 Points of Life Cancer Research Fund.  They get shirts and medals and goodie bags, so they're excited for it.

Then we have a birthday party and family coming into town Saturday afternoon.

Whew—love those busy weekends.  At least we’ll have Monday to rest…

What are you up to this weekend and what you finished up recently??

p.s.  We named the puppy Daisy and other than forgetting how not fun potty training is, she’s been a doll to have around so far!  The kids love her so much!!


  1. Good for you for giving it another try. I probably would have just forgotten about it - I don't like to be defeated by a sewing project!

    The pup is adorable. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love that red fabric in your pouch! It looks great, and those colors are just fun. My stitching wasn't perfect on mine, either, but Wyatt didn't seem to care! Daisy is a great name for a dog! My best friend from college had a lab named that. So funny that you are going through potty training right now, too!

  3. Great pouch! I turned out really cute. Daisy is perfect!

  4. Good for you to give it another go! Mine isn't perfect either but I love it anyway.

  5. Sorry you were rushed, but glad you managed to get your pouch done! Nice contrasting with your main fabric!

  6. I'm going to try one today...if I get off this computer. I'm a little scared of zips too! Think you did a grand job on it though

  7. what a sweet pup! our black lab Einstein is almost 9 now, he's finally settling down a little :) your pouch turned out great!

  8. Between that TDF pouch and those doggie eyes AND the happy kiddo smile -I'm dying from the cuteness!!! Death by squeeing :-)

    Oh and I've sworn to myself that I will delurk on my favorite blogs, so this post is apropos! This is my first comment! :-D


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