Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hi all!  Short and sweet today as I'm writing on my "lunch break" before I get busy again.  This week, I'm working on Oren's Star Wars quilt and a baby quilt for our sweet new cousin that was born right before Christmas and I somehow completely forgot to make a quilt for.  Duh...

As I mentioned before I promised both kids a quilt for their 5th birthdays that represented the theme of their parties.  Emma's used Mendocino by Heather Ross since she had an Under the Sea theme and Oren chose Star Wars (he's still obsessed...) so I am making him a star quilt using blues, blacks, whites and grays.  And yes, he is almost 7.  I'm putting the pedal to the metal on this one to get it finished before March 2 when he'll turn 7.  WHAT??  How is that even possible?

I decided to just do a mix of stars and make one easy one and then one more complicated one so as to "even out the load."  For my first block, I went with an Ohio Star which is easy-peasy and a great one to start out with.  I didn't use a tutorial since it's pretty easy to figure out and that was my mistake... See, math has never been my strongest area.  I'm more of a right-brainer and logic, math, etc seems to escape me at times.  Then you add in the fact that I've had a monster head cold all week and yep--I completely messed up.

I  cut the quarter-square triangle pieces at the same measurements as my whole squares and then they were obviously too small.  Guess when I realized it...

Yikes!  Time to quit for the night...
But yesterday I got them cut out again at the right size and this block went together in no time.

Next up--a free block tutorial from Aurifill.  They called it the Jumping Jack Flash block and their coloration was VERY different than mine.  In fact, if I hadn't seen this block made somewhere else in other colors I probably would have never chosen it.  But, I think it turned out just fine in the end.

Notice a problem here?  I didn't either at first.

Ahhh, better.

Still needs to be trimmed up...I just get so excited I forget!

Next up I've got probably the Evening Star and a Wonky Star.  I did the Evening Star in the Summer Sampler a couple of years back (in the WIP basket...) so I'll probably reprint those paper piecing templates and go from there.

Now on to that baby blanket.  I never jumped on the Scrappy Trip Around the World that hit Instagram and Twitter so big because I was working hard to finish up some old WIPs, so I think I'll hit it up now.  Baby Izzie's nursery is in light greens, pinks and browns so I'm using those colors to make my Trip.  Mine will be a little more planned because I know the Mommy would prefer that to a scattered scrappy layout.

Here are my fabrics ready to cut and sew:

What are you up to today and this week??

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  1. I love your Star Wars wip. The blue/black/white colour scheme screams Star Wars and I love the idea of the stars. Next time my husband asks for a Star Wars quilt I may now be inclined to say yes. Thanks.

  2. oh the scrappy trip along will be perfect for baby - and relatively quick!

  3. i love the idea of all different stars for Oren's quilt. It's going to be...wait for it....stellar!! Anyway, the scrappy trip baby quilt should be a fun one, too! I made two of those blocks today for a bee and they really don't take long.


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