Friday, September 6, 2013

Finish It Up Friday

If ever there was a need to finish something up, it was my Wonky Pinwheels.  I'm embarrassed to admit, it was the November quilt from the Empower Circle of do. Good stitches.

I have to say that our group is made up of 10 rad and lovely ladies who understand that life is busy and that we all have real lives and real commitments outside of our circle.  Our group is made up of Moms, Wives, Sisters, Friends, and most of all caring women who are there for each other when we can be and committed to helping others.


I've told this story before, but back in November I asked for wonky pinwheel blocks based on Natalie's awesome tutorial.  A few straggled in and a few were put together wrong (easy mistake to make--I almost did twice), so by the time I got them all assembled, procrastinated, fixed and re-assembled it was April.

Then I set it aside to finish some other things before quilting.  And then it was August.

So I started quilting.  I chose a random pinwheel that I liked and echo-quilted around it and then made that a concentric pinwheel throughout the quilt.  Basically I just kept echo-quilting about half an inch around the design until the entire quilt was full.

If you look closely in the upper middle of this shot you can see the pinwheel I started with.  It's the only pinwheel in the quilt that's not quilted through.

I didn't worry about exact distances or straight lines.  I didn't worry about the occasional pucker that came with madly quilting and enjoying the process.  I didn't worry about perfection.  I quilted and quilted and quilted.

I went through 2 Guterman thread spools on this quilt.

The quilting really shows up on the back, although these pictures came out so pretty I forgot to get a close-up of just the quilting so you could see it.  But I really like how the khaki-colored thread shows up on the back in this ninja-flying-star design.

And then, to finish it off, Meesh got these labels made for us on Spoonflower and shared them with us to help us share the love.  The color matches perfectly.  Like it was made for this quilt.

I'm sad to see this one leave because I do love it, but I hope it provides comfort and warmth, both physically and emotionally to a girl who needs it.

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  1. Loooove the quilting! Don't you want to keep this one for yourself? So gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic work :)

  3. Such a beautiful finish! Love your awesome quilting on this one.

  4. It turned out amazing. Love it!

  5. This one turned out so pretty! I love the colors you went with and I really like that the blues seem more dominant than the background colors. And your quilting! You are a machine. It looks fabulous and you took some great shots of it! And cute new profile pic, too! Has it been there for months?


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