Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hi everyone!

After a busy and hot weekend watching softball, I'm back with a giveaway winner and an update of my latest projects.

I let Random.org pick the winner for the Etsy gift card and it turned out to be Helen!!  Congrats to you, my friend, and I've sent you an email.

As for what I'm up to this week...I've got all of Oren's star blocks done and ready to sash. I'm going with a 2.5" black sashing to spread the blocks out, and I haven't decided for sure on final layout.

Why does blogger like to turn my photos sideways??  Oh well, I guess these aren't really directional blocks so it works...

And I've got the clothing itch again and as we're coming near our summer vacation (to the Bahamas!!), I want to whip up a few dresses to take with me.  I've asked Em if she wants anything new as well but she politely declined.  That's fine with me--more time to sew for myself.  ;)

So, I'm thinking of adding another Staple Dress and a sheath at least, but am up for suggestions.  I've got any number of great patterns and tutorials pinned to my clothing board and saved to my computer.  It's almost like I've got so many choices I don't know where to start...


I've got some linens, rayons and cottons put to the side and ready to sew up.  I think I've actually got a dress or two in my WIP basket to get working on as well...

So what do you like to sew in the summertime?  Dresses?  Skirts?  Bags?  Handstitching?  Honestly, at this point I think I'd just be happy to get any sewing done.  But before I get to it, I'm off to the pool for a bit.  :)

Happy July 1!


  1. A family vacation to the Bahamas!?!?! That's so awesome! We're heading to Indiana tomorrow...it's like the Bahamas of the midwest.

  2. The Bahamas!?!? Wow, you're fancy! :0) That's so awesome, have an amazing time. And, no, I don't see in the summer. Too much work to be done outside!

  3. Yippeeee, it's me!! Thank you! I've just spotted your email in my inbox so I'll reply in a moment!

    I love how Oren's quilt is coming on but have no idea why Blogger likes to play silly beggars with photos! Have fun with the dressmaking and enjoy your holiday!!

  4. Love how the quilt is progressing, I like to sew tops in the summer. But I have seen a lot of bloggers making shorts (wrapped shorts I think it is called) they look amazing, and probably quite good for the summer?


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