Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Done... What do you think?

Alright, I finished up the dress last night. And I'm glad I made a muslin first. Maybe it's just that I've gotten spoiled using tutorials and patterns from other bloggers. I think that ladies that sew make tutorials and patterns with other home sewers in mind. They take the time and space in their pattern to really explain each step, often with great photos for visual learners. They're also often kind enough to include an email address if you have questions or are unsure about a step in the design.

Here is the original version...Burda 06/2011 Twisted bubble dress with elastic belt
Whereas the big pattern companies...not so much. I have read in the past that Burda patterns are often a little vague. A little vague does not even begin to describe the instructions for this dress. Without giving the pattern away since they are selling it, here are the directions for attaching the lining to the outer shell.
   Turn in lower edges of dress and lining. Pin edges together with one straight pin, so that right side seam of dress meets left side front seam of lining. Reach through opening in side seam, between outer fabric and lining, and pull out lower edges of dress. Remove the pin but keep hold of the edges. Stitch edges together, right sides facing. Push hem edge to inside again and pull down. Sew opening in lining seam closed.

Remember now that the outer shell of the dress is about 2x as big as the lining too. They never even once mention to gather or bunch up all that fabric to get it all matched up. Now after trying that multiple times with only a mess...I gave up, turned on a DVRed show of Martha's Sewing Room on how to attach a dress to the lining and voila...I had it done in 5 minutes. And that's where pictures made all the difference. I understood what Burda was saying, but seeing it done made it so much easier to make my hands do the same thing.

So here it is:

I definitely learned with this muslin. IF I make this pattern again, I will do a few things differently. Since I changed the lining to include only 2 pieces (front and back) instead of the 7 they had, I didn't have an exact spot to start my twisted hem and so went too far which is why it's so gathered up on the sides. I will make the twist a little less which I think will make the bottom not so poofy and maybe a little longer too. I will also tighten the top up quite a bit. I followed the measurements and used elastic that fit my chest, but by using such a small width of elastic (1/2 inch), I feel a little nervous that it might slide down even with such a big top keeping it up. :)

I'm not unhappy with this result at all. I actually kinda like it and am glad to have finished it. Any finished product is progress toward becoming a better seamstress. I learned about fitting myself and about pattern making. I think the color is great for summer and the length is daring without being risque.

Does anyone else really hate modeling?  I could photograph Emma all day, but take 2 pics of me and I want to be done!
So here are my questions for you, great readers...What do you think? Tell me honestly, I need the advice. Chris said he thought I could definitely wear this version at the beach but anywhere else would look out of place. Emma said she liked the back better than the front... SHOULD I make it again? If I do...any fabric advice? SHOULD I wear this one out in public? And should I belt it or not? The pattern said to include a belt, but with it so short and me being quite bigger on top than the 2 models, I don't know...


  1. Ooh, I just bought this BurdaStyle to try out exactly this dress.. mm I've never used a 'real' pattern before, but I'll give it a try. Love the way it worked out with you! The lilac is lovely :)

  2. Hey! Cute! Very beachy and summery! I like it with the belt a lot because otherwise it would just hang there and not give you any shape.I think you could even use a wider belt. What kind of material did the pattern call for? I wish I knew more about material. I would try something flowy, soft and a little stretchy. I do like the purple and white and it is pretty cool how it's twisted. I have no idea how you did that! Those directions made my head spin :) Good job!!


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