Friday, June 17, 2011

More Photo Fun

**Fellow bloggers, have you ever written a post, previewed it, got it all ready and then forgot to press Publish Post?  Because I would feel better if I wasn't alone since I wrote this all up yesterday...Oops!**

I didn't realize I hadn't updated my photo fun entries over here in a week!  Oops...
I am really enjoying this challenge as it's forcing me to think about my subject and how my camera can best capture it.  I rarely use auto and am working on becoming a photographer as opposed to a picture-taker, but have a LOOONNNNNGGGG way to go!

Here's my last 7 entries:
Day 10:  Animal
  We've had our cat Punkin for 8 years.  A few years back she ran into something and it cost her an eye.  But it hasn't slowed her down at all...she's still bringing us treats.  Who doesn't love part of a chewed up lizard, squirrel, rat, frog, etc on their welcome mat in the morning?  Notice in this picture she's not big on being "styled" by my photo assistant, Oren.

June 10--Animal

Day 11:  Silhouette
  I realize this is not a real silhouette with his profile darkened, but it was right before bed and I was tired....No excuses.  Chris says it looks like a mug shot.  :(

June 11--Silhouette

Day 12:  Sun Flare
  I had to read up on how to do this on purpose other than just shooting a tree with the sun in the shot...I found some really great info on a photographer's website, gotta love those willing to share their knoweldge.  Thank you, bloggers!  Had my camera battery not run out, I could have kept shooting, but for a first attempt, I was proud of this shot.

June 12--Sun Flare

Day 13:  Reminds you of childhood
  This prompt was a little too vague for was so easy it became difficult if you know what I mean.  I finally settled on a root beer float, or the makings for one since it was like 10 in the morning!  I set it up on a white tee shirt in front of my kitchen window.  I taped wax paper to the window to give that white background look without a light box!  Again, learned this tip somewhere on the web a while back!

June 13--Childhood reminder

Day 14:  Someone you love
Simple enough although Chris will hate it.  I tried to get one of him in his reading glasses...he said no.  Too bad 'cause he looks Super Smart & Sexy in them!

June 14--Someone I love

Day 15:  Action
  Can you see where we spend most of our summer??  Or what Emma's favorite bathing suit is this year??  Anyway, I thought about playing around with shutter speed and trying to blur this one, but I need some more practice with that...apparently I only get good results with that on accident.  ;)

June 15--Action

Day 16:  Mason Jar
  And while I would have loved to photograph a line of mason jars filled with delicious (seedless) blackberry jam the lack of rain we had for like 2 months dried them all out and we got none this year.  So we'll be eating store bought jam till next summer...
  But I like this too.  It's my centerpiece decoration in the pool enclosure....

June 16--Mason jars

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  1. Hey! That's so awesome you are pushing yourself to become a photographer and actually learning the parts of your camera. I am still a picture taker :) and you can tell on my blog. Maybe one day I will read up on it. What are you reading to help you or are you taking a class? Great table decor for your pool area! It looks like you're having a fun summer!


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