Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Munchies--Ice Cream Week

One of the things I wanted to do this summer with the kids was make ice cream in our old fashioned ice cream maker.  While I would love to have one of those small ones that makes a quart or two and sits on your counter, we have the bucket that you fill with ice and rock salt.  At least it does plug in and we don’t have to churn it.  ;)

  But we couldn’t decide on just one flavor of ice cream to make, and honestly, what fun is one flavor?  So we decided to have ice cream week.  Each day this week (that we feel like it) we’re going to make a different flavor of ice cream.  We made a list of all the ideas we could think of, and I mean not just vanilla or strawberry, but like flavor combination ideas, and the list was like 15 kinds long.  Of course, some of those are Emma and Oren’s suggestions that will not be making the cut...candy shop ice cream (meaning throwing in every kind of candy we can think of might sound good, but no thank you...)  

  Today we decided to start with strawberry ice cream with chocolate chunks.  I tried to convince them to be adventurous with adding mint or basil or something else, but chocolate chunks in their strawberry was adventurous as my crew gets apparently.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow with the results and keep you posted on other recipes we try this week…Any suggestions?
Mmmmm....can't wait!  photo courtesy of

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  1. Ideas??? Invite your favorite sister over. haha. What about something that mimics the taste of those homemade twix bars? Yum!


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