Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bee Blocks done...check!

I spent a few days last week contemplating my NuBees block.  You know, I said I was going with a string block and asked for opinions.  But then the other girls started showing off their creations and there was a lot of angles and points.  Don't get me wrong, they're all lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on mine, but I wondered if I wanted to do something similar to the others.  Then, I dreamed about a block with a lot of negative space and a center with the mosaic pattern from Elizabeth.  So, after some trial and error (and a break to account for tired eyes and a tired mind one night) I came up with the block I wanted.  And here are all 5 of the blocks in each girl's specified color palette.  I'm going to make one more for me, so I'll have one to match my blocks coming in too.

NubeesBlock for SewDivertimento
This block was to be in oranges and blues like the University of Illinois

Nubees Block for mommaof4yoopers
This one was reds, grays & whites with a black background.

Nubees Block for MegMorel
This block was a rainbow theme asking for bright colors.

Nubees Block for KnitsandSews
This one was red fabrics for a Christmas-themed quilt.

Nubees Block for HappyVanillaBean
Another rainbow-themed block

NuBees blocks group
And here they are all together.  I still want to make one for me in red, blue and yellow.

  Overall, I really liked how these came out.  I think they're a good mix of the colors asked for with a big enough background to blend with all of the other blocks they'll receive.  As soon as all of my blocks are in, I'll show them off here.  This bee works monthly, and we'll be taking December off, so in January I'll sign back up and be grouped in a new hive.  I may or may not ask for the same color scheme.  I kinda just randomly chose red, blue and yellow on a whim, so I may ask for something else and just make a very scrappy quilt of whatever comes in after a few rounds.  


  1. I absolutely love what you did with these blocks! Taking one idea, and changing it to create something that coordinates but at the same time is totally different. I may use your idea at some point!

  2. Very cool! Aren't you clever!? ;-)


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