Monday, November 7, 2011

Block Party Fun

Hey everyone!  I’m back from a very enjoyable weekend at the beach.  Chris and I went to St. Augustine for the weekend to celebrate our birthdays.  It was incredibly windy and cool, but we hadn’t planned on doing any swimming anyway.  I LOVE the beach and would happily have a house there if we could.  And we ate well.  There are about 100 good restaurants in St. Augustine, so you can eat somewhere new every time and never go away hungry or unhappy.

Today I spent some time making some wonky star blocks for my Scrapbuster Swap.  These are due to mail on Thursday.  I originally signed up for 10 blocks with a scrappy star and white border.  But after looking at the block and seeing what everyone else had signed up for, I realized I really wanted to make some of both.  So, I did.  So far, I’ve made 5 scrappy stars and 5 white stars.  I’ve got most of the fabric cut for 5 more of each, but am out of white.  Tomorrow I’m headed to the big city, so I’ll stop off at JoAnn for some more Kona White.  These sew up really quickly and are a breeze to make.  And that’s nice when you’re making a bunch!  I’m going to try to make enough for a large sofa quilt to use over the holidays.

I’ve also heard from all of my new Bee Buddies, so I’m anxious to get started on a block for them as well.  I had originally considered a Dresden plate because it’s easy to accommodate a large color span or a small one, but one of the girls plans to use the blocks in a quilt for her husband and another one said she’s making one for her brother’s girlfriend who isn’t very flowery.  I know a Dresden plate isn’t exactly a flower, but I thought I’d save it for another month.  I’m thinking of going with a string block.  That way I can incorporate LOTS of color for the girls who wanted that and just a little color for the girls who wanted something more specific.

What do you think of these string blocks?  Remember, my block will be just one in a sampler quilt of sorts.  Each block they get back shares a color scheme, but not necessarily a similar style.

found here

found here

found  here

or this star block that Jennifer just pinned?
                                                               Source: via Jennifer Mathis on Pinterest

Tell me what you think...I've got a few more days to until Thursday when I get the wonky stars sent off.  These blocks are next on the list to check off.  ;)


  1. I love the string blocks! AND the colorful star.

  2. So glad you had fun at the beach! Eating is definitely one of my favorite things to do on vacation. Your star blocks are looking great together. I think you might have just inspired my Christmas quilt! As far as your bee blocks go, my votes go for Jennifer's star, then the one from the Summer Sampler, then the other string blocks. I think the other string blocks are awesome, but maybe they are more effective in a group. Does that make sense? And, I really want to see that 5-point star made up! I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be great!

  3. Love both the blocks but think Jennifer's star is my favourite...whatever you choose will look great!


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