Monday, November 14, 2011


I am here and there lately.  I am around, but I am busy.  I'm celebrating new beginnings with close friends getting married.   I'm listening to new readers gain confidence as they sound out words and share books with me.  I'm sewing quilt blocks and folding laundry, pressing seams and ironing pants.  I am listening to giggling 7-year-olds laugh about playground antics and silly 5-year-olds discuss all of their favorite dinosaurs.  I am knitting while a room full of ballerinas learn to be graceful.  I'm running errands and comforting friends making tough choices.  I'm planning Christmas projects for around the tree and under it.  I am preparing for an all-day field trip to Silver Springs and missing my kindergartner's Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria.  I am making macaroni and cheese and meat for not one but two Thanksgiving lunches in my kiddo's classrooms. I am smiling, worrying, always moving.  I am loving my family and my life and trying to catch my breath knowing these moments will be the ones I look back on with tears of joy and remembrance of how good we have it.

Life is best lived fully and I am here doing that as best as I can.

I will be back with updates, projects and always more rambling as soon as I can find the time.  But know that I am here.


  1. Kelli, I just love how your posts always make me want to slow down and enjoy my little family so much and appreciate the time we are given! Thank you!

  2. Glad you are enjoying life day by day! Sweet post.

  3. I really enjoyed this post! What a lovely life you have :)

  4. Such a sweet post - enjoy the field trip!

  5. Hey Kelli! It sounds like you are a good kind of busy. Not getting caught up in the crazy rush of the holidays, but stepping back and enjoying your kids grow up and your close friendships! I enjoyed this post!!


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