Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas projects begun

Hey everyone!  I hope y'all had a great holiday (in the US) weekend and are all now in the Christmas spirit.  We haven't decorated the house yet because we're waiting on a slowpoke 7-yr-old to finish her Thankful Giving first.  Every year after Thanksgiving, I ask my children to pick up each thing they own and decide if they want to keep it, give it away, or throw it away.  We talk about how blessed we are and how others aren't and that there are children around the country and world whose biggest d ream would be to have a clean and warm home with fresh food and quality clothing much less toys.  I think it helps them to really remember why we are thankful and that Christmas should be about giving and sharing instead of all of the "gimme gimme gimme" thrusted at them during commercials on TV right now.  Then we pile up all of the toys, books and clothing and donate them to places and people who can use them or pass them on to others.

But as soon as she's done, our house will be merry and bright and we'll be getting our Christmas Trees (yes, trees) later this week.  I love the Christmas Season and am looking forward to all that goes into it.  I'll share pics as we get things done.

So...I started a Christmas gift this weekend.  I promised my sister a handmade present this year and that is all I will say about it on here until after I've given it to her.  BUT...I will show you the fabrics she chose for me to work with.  The focus fabric is Chelsea by Windham and I'm adding in a solid color.

Chelsea Fat Quarter Bundle View 1

But I just remembered last night that I have a baby shower to go to next weekend for a dear friend from high school, so I'm going to have to choose a quilt pattern and fabrics and get busy on that one this week too.  Good thing I thrive under pressure, huh?  I can feel the bustle of the holiday season getting geared up and I'm ready to take it on!  :)

What do you have planned to make and get done this holiday season?

P.S.  I saw this weekend that Sew Mama Sew has set their Winter Giveaway Day as December 12 this year.  There are different categories and link-up rules this year, and I can't wait!   If you've never done it before, it's a week filled with blogs all over the country and the world gathering in one place to share with each other.  There'll be long lists of blogs that are giving things away for you to visit.  I'll be participating as a giver this year, but I'll be visiting as many of the blogs as I can to try to win some great goodies too.  Make sure you find time next week to head over and check out all the fun!


  1. Good luck with the quilts - I love the fabric your sister chose!

  2. beautiful fabric!! and I plan on seeing you at the giveaway!!

  3. Haha, I was a little afraid you were going to tell my present. ;) Love you. :)

  4. That is a great idea for your kids! We have been rearranging a bunch of furniture today and I plan to tackle the playroom tomorrow so I may just steal that lesson! Your sister's fabric choice is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  5. Great idea! I'm doing handmade gifts this year too. I'm sending out a bunch of my gourmet soap boxes to friends and family. I can't wait! I'm thinking of getting ahead of the curb and sending out next week. Mailing times from here to the East Coast are pretty dramatic.

  6. i will start on gifts this next week. the list is very do-able and i am looking forward to some fun sewing. i love to make things for my kids!

  7. I can't wait!! :o)
    I have my post up a
    smidge early today. :o)


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