Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another check on the to-do list

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If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a procrastinator...I just don't get worked up about getting stuff done ahead of time, because really, why the rush?  Sometimes, that can be a good thing, like when I wait till the last minute to clean my kitchen before someone comes waiting I only had to do it once, because it didn't have time to get messed up again.  Sometimes, that can be a bad thing, like when friends have a baby in October and you give them their baby gift in February....

So, this is one of those bad thing procrastinations.  Not that it makes it better, but it is their third baby and the third boy as well, so they were well stocked with essentials.  AND, I was looking specifically for colored onesies that were plain and COULD NOT find them anywhere.  Where do you get those?  I know I could dye the white ones, but I hate it when the color doesn't turn out like I wanted or how sometimes the threads don't dye too.  Sometimes I like that look, but sometimes I just want everything matchy-matchy, you know?  So I just kept waiting and waiting.

But when you deliver a really-super-cute dress to a little girl born 2 days before Christmas and your October-baby-Mama friend is sitting right there and wants to know where her little boy's "dress" is, you can't procrastinate anymore.

So, I made these up yesterday afternoon.  I just sat down and whipped them up.  Not going for perfection, but a hurry up and get these bad boys done "whimsical" look.  I made my standard baby boy gift of onesies in 3 sizes (3-6 mo., 6-9 mo., and 12 mo.)

And here they are:

This one's my go-to onesie.  Everyone (that's not on pinterest/reads craft blogs) thinks it's the best idea ever and that I'm entirely too clever to come up with it!  haha!

This is the 6-9 month size...perfect for this summer!  I used heat-transfer material and my Silhouette for this one.  I wanted the aviator sunglasses look I've got pinned, but was in a rush and already had this shape.  I tried to draw my own...yeah, not so much.  I'm not done with this idea just yet...

This is the 12-month size, perfect for this fall.  I made the laces out of white felt that I just stitched down.  Yes, they're crooked and I really considered ripping them off, but that would have been a big pain, so I'm hoping when he wears it you don't notice so much!  I left it generic so he can wear it to hometown, high school football games on Friday nights or on Saturdays for either of the teams his parents' pull for.  You know how these divided football families are down here in the gets heated on Saturdays!

I delivered them this afternoon and my friend was very happy with them.  She said she still wanted the "dress" but with three boys at home, she'd happily take this bunch of onesies for now.  ;)

So, now I've got 2 of the 4 baby gifts for January (yes, I know we're in February now) checked off.  I've got the wonky stars quilt halfway done (pics coming when there's some real progress) and baby gift #4, well, I have a plan and that's a start, right?

Hope you are having a great Thursday!  Thanks for stopping in.  :)


  1. I've gotta say, my favorite is the sunglasses! Too cute! And it's clever of you to make them in different sizes - I'll have to remember that.

  2. So cute, Kelli! I made Max a little tie onesie before he was born but I'm pretty sure I made it a newborn size and he never wore it. I love the sunglasses one you made, and of course every little boy in the south has to have a football one, don't they?

  3. cute - good you got that gift done & delivered!

  4. OMG they are so cute! I could see my boys wearing the one with the tie. I get a kick out of fake dress clothes for babies. I'm sort of a procrastinator too. Sometimes I'll get things done ahead of time and I'm so proud, but like you said, what's the rush? If it can all be done later with no problem, why not wait :D

  5. They're so cute! Clever to make them in different sizes!

  6. Oh my gosh, the sunglasses ones are so clever!

  7. Oh SO cute!! Great idea and they look awesome :)


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