Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It's a rainy day here.  Perfect for curling up with a good book under the covers, but instead, I'm making progress in my WAY TOO LONG to-do list.  Up this week are my bee commitment blocks so I can send those off and concentrate on the baby/gift quilts that need to leave my sewing room.  :)

So, with no further ado, let's get started so I can get back to sewing!

Completed Projects:
My one and only finish this week is my Modern Bee Blocks for Della.  She's the queen bee of the entire thing and this month and she requested "Modern Crosses."  As this is the first month and I'm still getting my feet wet, I just used the fabric she sent to make the blocks.  Block one came out perfect!  She only asked for one, but with all of that fabric left over, I felt compelled to make more.  I mean, I'd love it if I asked for one and I got back two, so...

But improv is SOOO not my style and apparently me and improv modern cross blocks do not jive.  I couldn't get what I had in my head to work, so I ended up scrapping my plan and just making her a bunch of smaller blocks she can put together to make a block, use as cornerstones, or do something with on the back.  Or she can chunk them, and that's okay too.  I tried...  What do you think??

Works in Progress:
I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but I signed up for the NuBees Block Swap again for February.  I've got 5 other great ladies in my bee with me and they're almost all done before I'd even decided on what block to make!!!  At any rate, I've got my block decided and my fabrics chosen and my goal is to have these done and mailed by Friday.  Yes, that means I'll be mailing these 5 blocks, Della's block and ALL of the fabric I gave away last week.  Whew, that's a lot of postage!

So, here's block number one.  It's for Vicki who is making a quilt for her daughter.  This is just a prototype though, because I just made it up as I went along and it's a little short on 2 sides.  Oh well, I'll just rip off the strings and try again...  At least two of the girls didn't really want background fabric this time, so I thought this block was a good choice for limiting that.

Man, this block needs some work...nothing is matching up, one seam isn't laying flat AND it's too small!  Good thing it was just a trial!

Other WIPs are a little stalled right sewing mojo got lost again...

Kirsten's wonky stars quilt--I've got all of the stars pieced and just need to put it together and quilt it...

Carrie's Christmas gift--Does anyone hear the crickets chirping near this project?  I have some strips to cut and then it's smooth sailing if I can ever get re-started on this one.

do. Good Stitches--I've yet to cut the sashing strips for my hearts quilt OR start on my February block for Michonne and I don't know why because both of these projects are very exciting to me.  Please come back sewing mojo!

Knitted Cowl--I frogged it (I ripped it all out!!).  I noticed that it was somehow twisted and one of my little helpers around here had been pretending to knit it and I thought they'd dropped some stitches and I somehow managed to add 10 extra ones so, in a fit of un-thought-out anger I undid it all!  Yep, like 6 inches worth of knitting frogged.  Oh well, we've got 2 or 3 episodes of Downton Abbey left to watch, so maybe I can make some headway on it.  Plus, I don't know how much more cold weather we have left this winter, so  it's not like I'm in a hurry to wear it...  (But it did get down to like 22 here this weekend.  80s one day, 22 the next night, that's Florida winter!)

On Hold (for now...)
Summer Sampler Quilt (I will have this finished before summer starts again)
Postage Stamp Quilt (I thought about this one over the Christmas break and have some ideas to mix it up a little, just waiting on time to get to it...)
Mosaic Swap Quilt (The top is halfway pieced)

I'm linking up with Lee again today, make sure to head over there to see what everyone else is up to as well!

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  1. No more crickets already! ;) haha, love you!

  2. I really like your wonky crosses! And that prototype block looks cute, too. Don't bee blocks always come out just a little too small? Mine do anyway! Sorry about the frogged scarf, but hopefully your winter is over!

  3. I agree with Toni! Those crosses are cool - on my list to tackle soon!

  4. I like them too and every 'proper' block I make is too small, stupid rulers!!
    Hope you find your mojo (mine always returns when I finish something!) xx

  5. You always have a great project going on - You work in progress looks perfect to me. I can's see where the problem is at all.


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